How To Tell if Someone is Stealing your Wi-Fi

It’s a hard time when you’re rushing something and you need to research online but your Internet connection is so slow. There might be people who’re stealing your Internet connection. Below are guides on how to tell if some people are stealing your Wi-Fi.

  • Possible reasons why you’re having a slow Internet connection. There might be lots of Internet users during that time. It can be a wire struggle problem that affects your connection speed. It can also be that there are other people connected to your Wi-Fi, which makes your Internet connection slower.
  • Check your router.  Note that there are several lights in your router that indicates its condition. There is the power light, the Internet connection light, and the wireless connectivity light. If the wireless light is off and all the computers at your home are off, then it’s certain that nobody’s stealing your connection. Your Internet service provider is the culprit of your slow connection. Call your Internet provider and complain.
  • Check the IP address of your computer if the light on your router keeps on flashing. Turn your computer on. Open an Internet browser like Firefox or Chrome and type these numbers: or It depends on the type of router that you have.
  • Use the command window. It is another method to help you identify if someone’s stealing your Wi-Fi. Click start then click run. Type CMD and press enter. Type ipconfig/all and press enter. This will make your see the attached devices on your router.

    Compare your computer name, IP address, and hardware address to what’s listed on the attached devices on your router. Someone is stealing your connection if the attached devices don’t match the list on your ipconfig.

  • Find the tab Attached Devices. This will make you see and analyze the past and present list of computers that have been connected to your Wi-Fi router. You have the option to disconnect particular computers that are connected to your router.
  • Make a password for your Wi-Fi router. This will ensure Internet connection security. To do this, go to the tab Setup or Security. Choose either WPA-PSK or WEP key. Choose the latter if you have it because it’s much secured. Ensure that your password is easy to remember yet hard to be identified.  Click Save or Apply. Reboot your computer.

    If you’ve been disconnected, double click the wireless desktop icon that can be found on the right bottom corner of your screen. Click the wireless network and type your password. Having a password is not about being selfish. You can view it as just being responsible and helping others to become responsible as well.

  • Notes about using Wi-Fi. You can save money through your Wi-Fi. Ask your neighbor friends if they want to share connectivity and expense. Don’t be bothered if you have a fast computer because it will compensate on your Internet connection speed. You must also maintain your computer like clearing up files regularly and using appropriate anti-virus and anti spyware applications to make your system run faster.

Find another Internet provider if you aren’t satisfied with your current provider. Check their offers and choose the fastest yet affordable connection possible.


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