How To Tell if your Discount Coach Bags are Real

Coach bags do not come easy on the pocket. They are considered luxury items, with prices ranging from fifty dollars at the lowest to over a thousand dollars at the highest. Now anyone has the right to indulge in luxury at times and invest substantial part of their money on a Coach bag. You may have allotted a portion of your budget or savings for a Coach bag purchase and why not? After all, you can avail of discount coach bags with prices that are lower than the original tags. However buying discount Coach bags presents the risk of getting a counterfeit item instead of an original one. Naturally, you do not want to be deceived by the evil designs of some manufacturers who come up with identical replicas of original Coach bags. That will be money down the drain. So be smart enough to be able to tell if your discount Coach bag is real. Here are tips that can help you:

  • Examine the Coach “C” logo very carefully. An original Coach bag bears the C logo in perfect alignment from all sides. Look at the logo from horizontal, vertical, top and bottom view. You will note that an original item has the C logo firmly embedded at the center part in front of the bag.
  • Go through the stitches from end to end. Inspect the stitches on the bag from one side to the other side. It is obvious that a genuine Coach bag has consistently running stitches – unbroken and with no snags. Moreover, the stitches are tight and secure. Uneven and crude stitches that become irregular along the corners indicate that a Coach bag is not genuine.
  • Test the zipper of your Coach bag. Know that real Coach bags use only quality zippers, particularly the YKK brand. Look at the zip head and see if there is a YKK emblem on it. If you find no such thing, then the bag is fake.
  • Consider the leather quality of the item. Coach bags are known for their high quality leather. Notice that a true Coach bag bears on its leather a serial number which begins with ‘No’. This sign is stitched (not glued) inside the leather itself. Some fake Coach bags are however so cunningly manufactured that they also bear the same serial numbers on the leather. But always remember – the Coach leather has finely-imprinted serial numbers which look a lot different from those found in fake bags.
  • Go to a Coach bag distributor or retailer in your area. The best way to learn how to tell if a discount coach bag is real or not – is by looking at the real thing. Drop by a Coach bag retailer and look at the items on display. Examine all the features of the real bags and compare with those of a counterfeit one (if you have any). Note the marks and remember each discrepancy. Run your hand over the leather on the surface as well as inside the bags. It might be an exaggeration, but if you need to use a magnifying glass to note the differences, then go ahead. Manufacturers of fake Coach bags are so skillful that they are able to produce almost exact replicas of the original ones.

Putting your money on bag purchases is an important investment. As you well know, original signature bags earn value in time. They are like jewelry that becomes more valuable in time. When handled with due care, they can last a lifetime.


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