How To Tell the Age of Antique Bottles

Bottles are not only used as containers for liquors or any liquid products but these are also used as decorations at home. Old or antique bottles give a classic and elegant look to your house. If you love collecting antiques, you can add old bottles to your collections. You can also earn big amount of money from collecting and selling antiques because like any antique materials, these also cost a lot. If you are just starting to collect antique bottles and you are not yet that familiar on how to determine if the bottle is really old or not, there are several ways on how to check this.

Here are the steps on how to tell the age of antique bottles.

  • Look for the pontil mark. This is the mark impressed over the scar of the blown glass bottle. This is a circular mark that you can see at the bottom of the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and see if there is a pontil mark. If you find one, then you have an antique bottle. Bottles with pontil mark were made before the year 1858.
  • Check for the bottle’s lip and neck shape. Bottles today usually have perfect lip and neck shape. This is because machines are now used for making these. In early times, bottles were made by glassblowing. Bottles were formed by inflating molten glass using blowpipe or blow tube. If you see that the lip of the bottle flares out or there are irregularities on the neck area, this means that the bottle was made by glass blowing. These bottles were made around 1830 to 1850.
  • See if there is something embossed on the bottle. Bottles made in modern days usually have embossed picture or logo on the bottle. This is normally seen on the side of the bottle. Check if your bottle has this. If it does, the bottle is more likely made with modern machines. If it does not have any embossed picture or logo, there’s a big possibility that it was made in earlier years.
  • Check for faint rings on the bottle’s neck. If you find these on the bottle that you have, this means that this was made around 1840’s with the use of a lipping tool. The neck of the bottle was formed by twisting using the said tool that’s why faint rings on the bottle’s neck were formed. If you have this type of bottle, save this with your other collections as you surely found an antique bottle.
  • Inspect the bottle for seams. A seam is the area where to parts are joined together. If you find seams on the sides of your bottle, this means that it was made in modern times. If there are no seams on the bottle, this is surely an old bottle that was probably made around early 19th century. Bottles with no seams are more likely made by dip-molding or free blowing.

Antique items like bottles are great to keep as well as to sell. If you are still unsure if the bottles are old, you can bring these to antique shops so the expert can help you check these. If you’re planning to sell these, you may also ask for the price on how much the bottles can be sold.


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