How To Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant

How you tell your parents you are pregnant and how they will react to the pregnancy will depend on your age and if what state in life you are in. if you are in your teens, unmarried or still going to school and living at home, it may be more difficult for your parents to share your enthusiasm. If you are married, then your parents will most likely be very excited and enthusiastic about the good news.

Whatever situation you are in, you need to be honest with your parents. Don’t let them be the last to know about your condition. Here’s how to tell your parents you’re pregnant.

  • Be sure you are pregnant. Whether you are a teen, single, unmarried or married, you need to confirm that you truly are pregnant before you impart the news. If possible, try to see your doctor right away so you have an idea how far along the pregnancy you are and when you are due. The more information you have about your pregnancy, the better equipped you will be to share the news and make the best decision for yourself.
  • Decide if you want to tell both parents at the same time. Ideally, you should tell both mom and dad at the same time. However, there are times wherein you may be estranged from one parent or wherein you feel that one parent will be more supportive than the other. You will need to assess what is best for you. If you feel it will be easier for you to tell your mom first before telling your dad, go ahead. However, don’t wait too long or keep it a secret from the other parent or you will only hurt the parent more.
  • Decide if you will tell your parents with the baby’s daddy. Ideally, the father of the baby should be with you when you break the news. He should be man enough to accept whatever type of reaction the parents will have.
  • Ask for support if you need it. Be prepared for the worst reaction but hope for the best outcome. You should ask for support if you need it from your parents, especially if you have financial concerns. Ideally, this is your family and they should support you no matter what.
  • Let them know what you are planning to do next. The first three questions your parents will likely ask will be “when are you due”, “who is the father” and “what will you do with it”. If you’re not ready to give an answer, you can say so or say you don’t know what to do yet.

This may be a difficult and highly emotional time for you, but you need to have courage and tell your parents the truth. You will only make things more difficult if you try to take matters in your own hands, especially if you are still in school or still a minor. Plan your next steps carefully. What is important is that you take care of yourself, no matter how you decide to continue with the pregnancy. Telling your parents as soon as possible will afford you the support that you will badly need.


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