How To Temporarily Cover “Bald Spots”

Receding hairline can be quite embarrassing. Many people today, due to age and lifestyle, have been suffering from hair loss that eventually results to having “bald spots” that most often than not make people feel rather more awkward than usual.

Have you recently been invited to an important event and you want to impress everyone but your bald spots always get in the way? If so, read on to find out ways on how to temporarily cover your thinning hair and start living your life again.

  • Visit your salon. Pay your hair stylist a visit and ask for a cut that is nice and cute to hide the spots. You can also ask your stylist to change the way your hair parts. If your hair parts in the middle, for example, and you have a bald spot on the right side of your head, then changing it to the right will help hide it when you go out.
  • Buy hair accessories. Another way to conceal bald spots is by covering it with pretty hair accessories like hats and scarves. Wearing hats and scarves is considered fashion nowadays so go buy ones that will help show off your face shape and sense of style. Just remember to keep it classy and choose styles that will easily blend with your outfit.
  • Use make-up. Yes, make-up is not just for hiding flaws in the face. You can also use it to cover your receding spots. Simply buy a mascara or eye shadow that matches your hair color. Wash hair as usual and once dried, you may apply the mascara or eye shadow on the bald spot to help hide it from view. Just remember to check your hair from time to time and redo it when it starts showing up again.
  • Get a wig. Wearing a wig will most definitely help you hide the spots, especially if you have a lot of them in different parts of your head. Wigs that are available in the market nowadays are made with materials that are designed to look like real hair. Choose from a wide variety of wigs, from the ones with caps to the ones that do not, to the ones made from human hair to the ones that are not.
  • Spray-on hair. While wearing wigs is a good thing, sometimes though it may become a little too pricey for comfort so finding a cheaper alternative is definitely in order. For this, you can buy a can of spray-on hair. Spray-on hair is a hair product that you can use to carefully disguise your bald spots. It is made up of ingredients that imitate hair follicles to give off the illusion of healthy, glowing hair.

And there you have it!  Five ways to effectively hide your bald spots!  Just keep in mind though that hair loss, as insignificant as it seems, is also caused by more important reasons like stress, malnutrition and hormonal imbalance so it is always best to pay special attention to it and consult your doctor as it may cause more health problems for you in the future.


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