How To Think of Awesome Prank Call Ideas

Prank callers may be penalized under federal or various state laws, but don’t let that keep you from having fun. As long as you just intend to have fun and not harass, threaten or abuse, then it can be argued that you’re not violating any laws.

Prank calling is part of our culture, and is popular in other countries, as well. Kids and pre-teens especially love to make an over-the-phone practical joke. It has become a popular activity during sleepovers, or each time a group of friends gets together. Over the years, you may have been a victim of prank calls, or perhaps you’ve even made one yourself just for a few laughs. Whatever the case, here are a few ways of thinking up awesome prank calls ideas.

  • Do voices. Disguise your identity or even your sex by altering your voice to mislead the person on the other line. Have fun with it by adding a phony accent, or imitating a famous cartoon character like Donald Duck, or a celebrity like Elvis. The goal is to keep your victim guessing. The best prank ideas start with an annoying but mildly amusing voice or fake character.
  • Get a notepad and jot down a script of sorts. Just remember to deliver the lines as naturally as you can muster. Try to avoid laughing or sounding too nervous, so as not to give away the prank. Be prepared to tweak your script a little bit. You will rely on your victim’s responses for your next words. Prank calls are not for the slow-thinkers.
  • Confuse your victim. It’s been said that confusion is the object of classic pranks. Your goal is to render your target victims so confused that they become a little annoyed. The more confused they are, the funnier the prank becomes for the prankster and the people who will hear of the prank in the future. To achieve this, you must work on your material. This involves the way you speak or sound, the things you say to the victim and how quickly you can follow through on their responses without abandoning your main prank idea.
  • Before dialing out for a potential victim, think of the emotion you wish to elicit from them. Confusion is the main goal, but along with that you can also make your victim mad or make them laugh. Again, you might want to write down your goal, to avoid digressing too much. You don’t want to end up as lost as your victim because of a prank you have initiated.
  • Get your friends involved. The best way to whip up funny and effective prank call ideas is to collect your mischievous buddies in one room and have a brainstorming session. You will find that one person’s idea can be improved by more people’s suggestions.

Be it overused or new, sometimes, it lies in the prank’s execution to ensure a jest for yourselves and confusion or annoyance to your victims. However, remember that you’re doing this for fun. If it stops being funny, and you sense it could be dangerous to your random victim, have some self-control and know when to stop.


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