How To Think Up New Inventions

Have you ever been out to a novelty store and found a unique item? Ever wondered how anyone could’ve thought of that particular invention? Or have you said to yourself, “Hey why didn’t I think of that?” Or, when you’re working on a project, haven’t you wished there was one gadget that could help make it easier? If you say yes to these questions, chances are you may have a great chance at whipping up the next big invention.

Inventors take necessity and functionality into account when thinking up new gadgets and tools. People innovate and invent to get faster results or complete a task without exerting too much manual effort. Think up new inventions efficiently, by considering these pointers.

  • From a personal point of view, list a number of daily tasks. Note any difficulties you encounter while engaged in these tasks. Choose one and work on it. You can always go back to the rest some other time.
  • You can also get ideas by observing other people. For instance, if you’ve heard of the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System, it’s probably a result of a marketing research observing operation efficiency in bars while serving draft beer. It doesn’t have to be something too flashy as that one, but your invention can be something that others are regularly struggling with. Little do they know, one brilliant friend is working on a solution.
  • Be creative and think of ways how you can work around the difficulties you spotted. List several potential solutions to the issue. Once you think you have thought up a solution, research if someone else has thought of it.
  • If no other individual has claimed, patented and manufactured a product based on the idea, then you can proceed with putting it down on paper. Plot it on paper or make a prototype. Try to draw a structure or blueprint and give as many details, measurements and material labels as possible.
  • If you feel this invention will attract and actually aid a lot of different people, know that there are actually two ways to make your invention available for consumption: you can produce and sell your product, or find people who will fund your novel invention, thereby licensing it to them and collecting royalties on your product’s sale.
  • For serious inventors, you should consider seeking the services of a patent lawyer. The patent lawyer will help advocate your case for the issuing of a patent. This will be the case if, after a thorough search, the idea or product you invented has not been issued a patent under someone else’s name yet.
  • To make a search yourself, you can go to the US Patent and Trademark (USPTO) website at You can try making a query here, to see if the invention you have made has already been patented.

Your next brilliant idea might be just around the corner. If you practice being observant, resourceful, and persistent you will open your mind to limitless possibilities for success at setting up a business.


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