How To Thread a Sewing Machine

A sewing machine tends to get into jams and other problems when threading is not done properly. Different sewing machines might have different features, but the threading options are often similar. Threading a sewing machine is actually easy enough that it can be done easily even if you have never used a sewing machine before. Follow the steps below on how to thread a sewing machine properly.

  • Raise the needle and presser foot. The needle must be raised as high as it could. Do this by turning the handwheel toward your direction. As for the presser foot, raise it to let the thread smoothly pass through the points of threading. Once you begin stitching, the needle will not end up being disentangled.
  • Place a thread spool on the spool pin. Place a thread spool on the part of the machine known as the spool pin. For horizontal spool pins, do not forget to put the cap on to prevent the thread spool from falling off the pin.
  • Pass the thread through the threading points. Grab the thread carefully and pass it through the specific points for threading on the top area of the casing. Get the thread down the tension assembly on the left part of the machine. From under the tension assembly, take the thread back through the next points of threading at the top of the machine. Pass the thread between the two tension discs and the hook on the tension dial. If there is a lever, push the thread through it and down through the points of threading at the bottom and at the top of the needle.
  • Thread the needle. The direction of the threading of the needle is based on the type of your machine. Get the thread through the needle's eye. Pull the thread to the left.
  • Prepare the bobbin. The bobbin is the cylindrical spool upon which the thread is wound, as used in a sewing machine. Unwind a short length of the thread, if necessary, and place the bobbin into its case. Pull the thread right into the slot located on the case. Take the thread under the tension spring. Make sure that you leave about three inches of the thread hanging out. Once you have prepared the bobbin case, lock it in place and close the throat plate. Pull a few inches of the thread out to the right and stick it out from under the throat plate.
  • Rotate the hand wheel. Get the thread passing through the machine needle. Rotate the hand wheel toward your direction until the needle retreats into the bobbin case. Hold the thread and rotate the hand wheel toward your direction again. You will notice that the needle is at its highest position. A loop of the thread appears as the needle rises. The top thread should pull the bobbin thread upward. Pull the threads upward and downward by using the pressure foot.

Test your sewing machine if it is already properly threaded. You can use an old piece of cloth to check for proper threading. A properly-threaded sewing machine ensures good, quality stitches.


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