How To Throw a 10th Birthday Party

A tenth birthday is often treated as a milestone, since it is at this age that your child is slowly moving from being a child to a pre-teen. Given changing tastes and preferences, it is best that you throw your child a birthday party that is no longer childish. Doing so will make him feel the transition, while still enjoying the benefits of having a birthday party.

  • Involve your child. Ask your child to contribute some ideas to the decision-making process. Since it is his party, he surely has the right to be involved. Talk to him about the idea of throwing a party for his tenth birthday. Make him feel that he is starting to become a grown-up person. Let him understand that his participation in the process is important, so that he will not hesitate to share his ideas.
  • Know the limitations. Even though your child might suggest concepts for his tenth birthday party, let him know the limitations, in terms of budget and time constraints. If you want to keep your budget to a specific amount, let your child know so that he can have a idea of how much will be spent.
  • Discuss the size of the party. Start with a guest list. Are you going to have small celebration with a few friends, or are you inviting everyone you know to the party? Discuss the size of the party in line with the cost and logistics. Remind yourselves that more guests means bigger costs, and a bigger place to throw the party.
  • Have a birthday party theme. For the sake of uniformity, have a theme for the birthday party. Let your child suggest a theme that he likes. If he cannot think of any, suggest different ideas from which he can draw his own thoughts. Do you want your guests to wear a uniform color of shirt? Should the theme be based on a cartoon character or a storybook character, for instance? Do you want them to bring something for a specific theme? Widen your imagination and let your creativity flow. Once you have come up with a theme, you can follow it up with planning how the party should go.
  • Prepare the birthday food and drinks. Whenever applicable, consider the theme and the number of guests when preparing the food and refreshments for your child’s tenth birthday party. If he has a special request, try to include it in the menu. If you have the extra budget, you can have the food catered, so you won’t have to spend too much time in the preparations.
  • Send invitations. You can invite people verbally but you can also use invitation cards. Either way, bear in mind that you have to specify the exact time, date and place where the party will be held.

You will also need to take care of other logistics, like hiring entertainers, a sound system (if needed), balloons, tables and chairs, and the like. Above everything else, know how to incorporate fun in your child’s tenth birthday party. The party is only as successful as the happiness and enjoyment your child gets from it.


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