How To Throw a 40th Anniversary Party

Experiencing life together with your spouse for years and years is truly an amazing thing to be proud of. This is why anniversary parties are held to celebrate the strong union between husband and wife. The 40th wedding anniversary—or the Ruby anniversary-- is indeed a milestone that should be celebrated.

It will be great to invite people who have been part of your lives throughout the 40 years of your marriage. These may include relatives, friends and colleagues. Here are a few ideas and tips in throwing your 40th anniversary party.

  • Set a budget and stick to it. Decide on how much you can spend for the 40th anniversary party. Keep in mind that your budget will dictate how the other details of the party will go. You cannot have a bunch of people as your guests if you cannot accommodate all of them, in terms of venue and food. Make sure these aspects of the party will be adjusted according to the budget.
  • List down your guests. The couple should be the ones to decide who will be attending the anniversary party. Take into account the number of people that can be accommodated by the venue. If there is a set maximum of 50 people, stick to 50 people. However, you can still make adjustments at your discretion. First, list down the members of the immediately family, then close friends and colleagues, and everyone else you want to be part of the celebration.
  • Have a spacious venue. Consider your budget when looking for the right venue. If you are tight, do not hesitate to look into the possibility of having your backyard or living room as the venue. If you have the budget, inquire with reception halls or hotels for renting a venue for the special occasion. Consider the space of the venue and the number of people that can fit in it. Make sure there is enough space for food, drinks, decorations, the couple’s table, and your guests.
  • Formalize the invitation. Have a formal invitation prepared. The format can be similar to a wedding invitation, only that the event will be for a wedding anniversary. Be sure to send the invitations a few weeks before the event, so that your guests have time to confirm.
  • Hire entertainment. Entertain your guests with good music. Look into hiring a DJ to host the event, or have someone you know do it for you. You can also hire a live band that can perform during the party. Have a program for the party activities, and stick to it.
  • Exchange vows. A husband and wife couple can also renew vows during their wedding anniversary. This is usually considered similar to the wedding itself, complete with solemnizing officer or priest.

A 40th wedding anniversary party is meant for a couple to enjoy the occasion together with family and friends. See to it that everyone will have fun by preparing song numbers, dance numbers, games, toasts, speeches, and, of course, great food and refreshments.


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