How To Throw a Dinosaur Theme Birthday Party for Kids

Traditional birthday parties can get boring, especially if you’re celebrating a young child’s birthday. To liven up the occasion, why not think of a unique and interesting theme for the party? One such theme that you can use is a dinosaur theme. With the popularity of dinosaurs in media—such as cartoon characters, movies and toys—you won’t go wrong with a dinosaur themed party.

If your child particularly finds the concept of dinosaurs intriguing, then it is the best way to celebrate the occasion. You will need to let your imagination loose and have your creativity at its best. Throwing a dinosaur theme birthday party need not be expensive, as long as you know where to source your materials and how to get the execution just right.

  • Create the invitations. A party’s theme starts with the invitations. When you make invitation cards for your guests, be creative enough to include hints of your theme. You can download clip arts and photos of dinosaurs from the Web and include these in your layout. You can also go for cartoon dinosaurs, like Barney and friends.
  • List down your guests. Decide on whom to invite. You can include your child’s classmates, your neighbors’ kids, and your relatives who have kids. Just be sure that you can accommodate the number of guests at the venue, especially if you will be having the birthday party at home. Send the invitations a week or two before the celebration so that your guests can have time to confirm their attendance.
  • Create dinosaur masks. You can download patterns for kids’ dinosaur masks. Have these printed out and cut out from thick-grade paper. You can then attach rubber bands or a piece of garter, so that the kids can wear the dinosaur masks during the party.
  • Ask everyone to come in costume. You can go for dinosaur-inspired costumes, or you can go for a caveman or prehistoric theme. Have your child dress up in a prehistoric costume, such as a caveman complete with stone-age tools.
  • Decorate the walls and ceilings. There are so many ideas that you can do. One option is by cutting out big cardboard dinosaurs, coloring these, and attaching them to the walls. You can also create a large banner with dinosaurs. The figures may not be that perfect, but you can give them life by painting them in lively colors.
  • Decorate with balloons and jungle vines. The prehistoric atmosphere will not be complete without jungle vines. Cut brown paper bags into long strips to simulate jungle vines. Crumple the strips that you have and hang them on your ceiling. Complete your decorations with balloons. Have as many colors as you want, to keep the room as lively as possible. This way, the kids will not hesitate to ask for balloons to bring home.
  • Serve dinosaur-inspired foods and drinks. You can prepare cookies and sandwiches cut out into dinosaur shapes. As for the drinks, you can also paste cutout dinosaurs on the glasses or plastic cups.  You can also name your food items after dinosaurs. For example, you can have T-Rex T-bone steak, Brontosaurus barbecue, Triceratops pasta, and the like.

The dinosaur theme can never go wrong, especially with kids. You will be sure to have a grand time at your kid’s party.


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