How To Throw a Girl's Butterfly Birthday Party

If your young daughter is soon celebrating her birthday, she definitely deserves to have a fun birthday party that she can enjoy. One great idea that you can use is a butterfly-themed party. Your child and her guests will surely enjoy the idea of having a party in which the decorations, costumes, and activities are all based on butterflies.

  • Prepare the invitations. Since it will be a butterfly-themed party, the invitation cards must stick with the theme. Purchase blank butterfly birthday party invitation cards, which are usually available at party shops. You can also buy these online from sites like Let the birthday girl have fun coloring the invitation cards, so that she can add her personal touch. If she does not like to color or paint, you can let her write her name on every card.
  • Decorate the venue. Cut large shapes of butterflies using cardboard, and stick them along the pathway leading to the venue entrance. Welcome the guests with a large banner in the shape of a butterfly, with birthday greetings for your daughter. Hang small flowers and butterflies from the ceiling from strings or on a netting. Place as many butterflies as you want on the walls of the venue. Pick fresh flowers from your garden and set them out in vases as table centerpieces.
  • Set up fun games. A great game for a butterfly-themed party is the cocoon wrap game. Have the kids group themselves into pairs. For every pair of kids, provide a paper towel dowel and a roll of toilet paper. You can share a short informative story about how a caterpillar hides itself in a cocoon before becoming a fully-grown butterfly. The dowel will serve as the caterpillar and they have to form a cocoon using the toilet paper roll. Start the game by signaling a loud “Go!” The first pair to finish wins a prize. Don’t forget to give consolation prizes to the non-winning pairs.
  • Start a butterfly painting contest. Apart from the games, you can also hold a butterfly painting contest. Provide art materials such as watercolors, crayons, paints and illustration boards for the kids to cut out and draw their own butterflies. With the butterfly décor around the venue, they won’t have a hard time thinking of ideas for their butterfly design.
  • Serve butterfly-inspired foods. The party will be incomplete without the birthday cake. Ask your local bake shop to bake a butterfly-themed cake. You can also have butterfly-shaped cookies and cupcakes. Be creative in planning the foods to serve at the party.
  • Give party favors. Before the party ends, have all the kids line up and greet the celebrant one by one. The celebrant can then give a loot bag or party favors to each guest. The loot bags can include butterfly candies, like lollipops. You can also include school supplies, like butterfly-themed notebooks, pencils and the like.

Butterflies are a great theme idea for a girl’s party. Butterflies are cute and fun, and they also help foster a love for nature and animals.


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