How To Throw a Hawaiian Party

When you think of throwing a Hawaiian party, the images that come to mind are men wearing colorful and flower printed shirts and women wearing grass skirts, mumus and leis. Well, actually – that is partly right. But there can be more to a Hawaiian party if you only stretch your imagination. The venue, for instance, must be creatively fashioned so that it will look like you are truly in some beach in the islands of Hawaii, frolicking, singing and dancing in an authentic luau. Of course you cannot duplicate a real luau, but you can always inject your own creativity to make your Hawaiian party a blast. Here are some tips to help you in organizing a Hawaiian party:

  • Pick an appropriate venue for your Hawaiian party. Naturally, the beach is the most perfect venue for a Hawaiian party. However, for some reasons, you may not possibly use a beach area for your party. Although the beach is a free party place, it is difficult to manage a party in an open space. Hence, you can just settle at a party room in some hotel, for instance – or better yet – in your own place, preferably at your lawn.
  • Decorate the venue according to Hawaiian theme. Some materials that you can use in decorating are shells, bright colored umbrellas, palm trees, tropical plants and flowers, scented candles placed in empty coconut shells, leis, grass skirts and other items that can give that “Hawaiian look” to your party venue.
  • Accentuate the entrance and hallway with tropical ornaments. You may place artificial coconut trees or palm leaves along the walkway where people will pass upon entering. Have a few female and male hosts greet arriving guests at the entrance. The hosts must wear Hawaiian inspired costumes, with the ladies perhaps wearing grass skirts or mumus and the gentlemen wearing polo shirts with flower prints and of course, with leis around their necks.
  • Arrange the music to suit the theme. Ask a friend who knows how to play the conga or any native Hawaiian instrument. The music should play non-stop throughout the party. Let someone play Hawaiian tunes and on the ukulele accompanied by the beat of the conga drums to set the mood.
  • Serve tropical drinks and other cocktails. Serve the drinks in attractive cocktail glasses adorned with tiny umbrellas or flowers. Line the trays with flower petals or tiny shells. Give your guests food that will make them feel like they are eating along the seashore or on at some restaurant along the Hawaiian beach line. Barbecues, rice, bananas, pineapples, crabs, lobsters and prawns must are mouth-watering fares that will surely please your guests. Nuts must not be forgotten and has to be served in small plates or empty coconut shells. To adorn your buffet table, place some carved fruits such as water melons, pineapples and mangoes at the center of the table.
  • Request your guests to come in Hawaiian attire. They do not need to fully dress like native Hawaiians, but at least some Hawaiian accent will make them fit in the party.

The most preferred time in holding a Hawaiian party is during late afternoon or early evening. You may set up a bonfire to complete the Hawaiian ambience if you are holding the party outdoors. Being the host, welcome everyone with “Aloha” and a nice smile on your face. Enjoy!


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