How To Throw a Masquerade Party

Masquerade parties are fun. The idea of being anonymous in a crowd is truly exciting. Masquerade parties nowadays are not as rich as the masquerade balls of yesteryears yet they still provide the mystique and charm of anonymity, nonetheless. Along with other theme parties, masquerade parties are mostly preferred by groups of individuals such as those belonging to one company, community or cliques because there is an extra thrill in trying to guess the identity of people you personally know behind the masks and costumes. If you happen to be hosting a masquerade party, here are suggestions that can help you:

  • Plan the type of party you want to host. Will it be a simple costume party or a grand ball party? If you plan on hosting a grand ball, you will need to rent a ballroom. On the other hand, if you will throw a simple costume/masquerade party, you can host the same in a smaller venue. Decide too if it is going to be a dinner party or just a cocktail gathering. In any case, you have to come up with a feasible plan.
  • Pick a costume that suits your personality. In hosting a masquerade party, you should, first of all, have a costume for yourself. Choose a costume that jibes with your character.
  • Adorn the party area earlier. If you are going to have the party tomorrow, you need to prepare the venue today. This will give you time to attend to other things such as food, drinks and games for the party.
  • Give out the invitations at least a month before the party. Before the sending of formal invitations however, you should already inform people by word of mouth about the masquerade party you plan to host. Early invitation will give the guests time to prepare their own costumes. If it is going to be a potluck party, inform the guests what they should bring beforehand and ask them if they are willing to do their share.
  • Be ready with tokens and giveaways. You may prepare some small bags containing small gifts and souvenirs to your guests. They need not be expensive or elaborate. You can actually design the souvenirs and do them with your own hands.
  • Inform your guests on anonymity rule. What use is a masquerade party if there is no secrecy?  Make a short note in your invitation about this rule so everyone will be cautioned not to discuss about his costumes with others.
  • Prepare the food with some tricky twist. Since it is a masquerade party, be consistent with the theme even with the food you are going to serve. For instance, serve pasta in the form of roast or cheese rolls in the form of candies and etc. These little surprises will thrill the guests. You can do the same with the drinks. Serve wine in mugs or cups so that the guests will think it is actually coffee or chocolate drink until they discover what it is really when they take a sip.
  • Conduct games to reveal each other’s identity. Towards the end of the party, hold a revelation contest. Those who win will be given tokens and gifts.
  • Send cards of appreciation after the party. When the party is over and everyone has gone home to their real world, it is time to sit down on your desk and write thank you letters. In your letter, express your appreciation for the presence of the guests. Give praise to their costumes and participation in the party.

Hosting a masquerade party is quite a challenge sometimes because of the intricacies of preparation. You have to make sure therefore, that the affair is successful so everything will be worth the effort you devoted as a host.


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