How To Throw a Mexican Fiesta Party

The Mexicans know how to have fun and their parties are all about having a grand time with friends and family. A Mexican party involves lots of color, spicy foods and rhythmic music. Cinco de Mayo or the fifth of May is a special day for Mexicans, a very big reason to throw a fiesta party. It is the commemoration of Mexican’s patriotism, a celebration of their defeat of the French forces in mid-1800s. It can be very energetic, wild and colorful. Why not surprise your guests the next time you want to celebrate an occasion by throwing a Mexican fiesta party? Below are several ideas that help you host a great one.

  • Your party decorations should have vibrant colors. Buy some clay pots and use them as vases for colorful paper flowers in yellow, purple, red, fuchsia and turquoise. Hang paper streamers in the same colors, including lime green. Use some as of the pots as candle holders.
  • Hang small Mexican sombreros on the surrounding plants in your garden. Place large sombreros on the back of chairs. It will be great if you have some cactus plants in clay pots that you can group together for a centerpiece. If there are children coming to the Mexican fiesta party, complete the fun with a piñata or two filled with candies, small toys and coins.
  • Buy some Mexican blankets and use them as tablecloths. These are quite cheap and will bring an authentic Mexican feel to the fiesta party. Look for paper plates, cups and paper napkins and cutlery in Mexican fiesta colors. Buy wooden serving plates and bowls as well as wooden serving spoons. Choose those that are in darker brown color.
  • After you have taken care of the decoration and other party paraphernalia it is time to think about the fiesta party fare. The Mexicans have several party foods that are both filling and fun to eat. Serve plenty of corn tortillas and an assortment of Mexican tortilla dips like guacamole and salsa Verde. Prepare quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, empanadas, enchiladas, tamales and tacos. If you want something heavier serve some Mexican rice casserole. Delight your guests with some Mexican desserts like flan and Mexican gelatin. Most of these are very easy to make and suitable for children and adults. For drinks, chill plenty of margaritas and sangrias and fruit juices with plenty of shaved ice for the younger guests.
  • Provide feet-stomping Mexican music as a suitable background for the Mexican fiesta atmosphere by playing music from popular Latin singers like Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan and Santana. You can vary the beat with something truly Mexican - by playing some Mariachi band music which will greatly enhance the atmosphere and tie everything altogether.

A Mexican fiesta party is a great party to throw, as it is very easy to put together. Most of the foods are made from fresh and raw ingredients and can be served with varying degrees of heat from jalapeno peppers and chilies. Fresh lettuce, green and red tomatoes, beans, corn bread and plenty of sour cream and cheese are staples. Serve the fiesta food on a long table buffet style and allow your guests to make their own tacos, burritos or fajitas. It may mean more serving dishes but it can be a lot more fun when they come up with their own versions of some of the traditional Mexican fiesta party food.


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