How To Throw a Movie Night Theme Party for Teens

Teens do not go anymore for party themes such as cartoon characters, ballerina, cowboy, and the like. However, there is still an abundance of ideas when it comes to throwing a party for them. One of the best theme ideas for a party is a movie night theme. If you think your teens will enjoy this theme, check this guide to help you throw a movie night theme party:

  • Create invitations for the movie night party. A good kind of invitation you can come up with is in a style of a movie house ticket. Do not forget to include the statement "Admit One" in the invitation. It is also a good idea to include the name of your child when printing the invitations. For instance, Jacob's Movie Premiere is a good idea. Plus, do not forget important information in the invitations such as the venue, date, and exact time.
  • Set the venue out with a red carpet. A red carpet rolled on the path walk will create a real movie touch to the venue. You can also print out advertisements for the premiere night for an added appeal. During the party, hire someone to dress in a tuxedo in the entrance to greet guests and check their names on the list.
  • Prepare the tables elegantly. A premiere night will always be elegant. Hence, it is great to serve drinks in champagne flutes. Dry snacks can also be served in an upside down top hat for each guest.
  • Decorate the venue appropriately for the movie night themed party. Cover the tables with black cloths and decorate them with gold balloons. You can also print out posters of different movies and hang them everywhere in the venue. Or, you can pick a specific movie for a theme and decorate the place with merchandise coming from the particular movie only.
  • Play a great movie for everyone. Prepare different DVDs of movies that teens will love. Ask your teen the movies that he loves at his age. Take note that your choice of movie must be right for teens. Then, give out a ballot to each guest and let them vote for their most favorite movie. Play the winning movie first and play runner up movies if you still have time.
  • Do not plan too many activities for the teens. Keep in mind that this is not anymore a children's party. Hence, you do not need to entertain them with games and stuff. Teens love to just chill out and hang around. Give them a lot of time to talk to other guests and have some fun in their own chitchats.
  • Give out party favors in relation to the theme. Autograph books are great party favors for teens. Give them time to write a message on one another's books so they can keep it as a souvenir not only for the party but also for their teenage lives. Make sure that the celebrant writes a message of thanks to all the guests' books.

A movie night theme party is truly something that teens will enjoy. You can even ask guests to dress like their favorite movie character. Then, have an awarding ceremony later on for the person who is best dressed for the party. Good luck!


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