How To Throw a Party for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is a celebration of the union of two people who are so in love that they take the next step and become one under the eyes of either a religious deity or the law.

It is also one of the most sacred institutions in our society and country today. Marriage is celebrated by all people, religious or secular, across all religions, sexual orientations and races.

With the divorce rates in our country being what they are, a ten-year anniversary is something to celebrate. And, if ten years together is something to celebrate, what more a 50-year one? To have a loving couple together for a half-century is something truly momentous to celebrate and below are a few suggestions on how to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary.

  • Symbols for the 50th wedding anniversary. Often referred to as the “golden wedding anniversary” because gold is a symbol of wealth. The flowers associated with this event are the violets. In the language of flowers, violets represent virtue, love and faithfulness. So if you’re going to make a color theme for the celebration, you have those two colors to match with.
  • Recreate the wedding ceremony. Depending on the religious denomination of the couple, recreating the wedding ceremony is always a sentimental favorite. If you have pictures of their wedding day, try to recreate is as much as you can. It could be fun for the guests as well as it could be a theme wedding where they can dress up in the clothes of past decades. If you can get the venue they first got married in, great. But if that’s not possible, you can re-create other small details that will make them remember the place they got married in.
  • Memories. A half-decade together will produce a lot of memories and good times for the couple. Try to ask for videos, photos or other knickknacks that are meaningful for the couple. You can then come up with a video to show the couple and their guests that show their union over the five decades they shared together. It doesn’t have to limit itself to photos or videos of the couple. You can interview members of their immediate family, church members, people who’ve worked with them or people who are influenced by them.
  • Legacy. Come up with a program for the couple that will celebrate their legacy. When you get to their age, the legacy they leave behind will be more important than the material things they’ve accumulated over their years together. Have their grandchildren come up and say a few good things about their Granny and Grandpa. Have important people in the couple’s lives come up and give speeches that praise the influence and guiding hand of the couple. Invite neighbors, work associates, church members and old friends come up and say a few words about the positive impact the couple had on them.

Just remember that the golden wedding anniversary of the couple is all about the mark and legacy they have given their family, community and the world in general. More than a celebration about their union; make it a celebration about the good things they’ve brought to the world because of their being together.


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