How To Throw a Roman Themed Party

Relive the golden years of civilization by throwing a Roman- themed party. This theme may not particularly tickle the fancy of the younger kids, but it will however pique the interest of your teens and college kids. This would actually be a great Fraternity theme party as Romans were well known in the time to host the best parties - filled with overflowing wine and food. It can be simply said that the Romans knew how to party!

 When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Let the guests be transported to the ancient times of gladiators, emperors and philosophers. Here’s how to throw a rockin’ Roman themed party.

  • Attire. This is one of the party themes with the easiest costumes to throw on. A simple white cloth or blanket and a fashionable manipulation here and there with a few safety pins will have you looking like an authentic Roman. Lay on some flowers and laurels in your hair and you’ll be hailing Caesar!  Guests can also come in their best gladiator, emperor and goddess costumes.
  • Venue. While any venue would be fitting, a Roman party would be best done in an outdoor covered area. If the floor is laid with marble or concrete, you can cover it with a plush carpet. Place lounge chairs and plush cushions around the area with accent columns to serve as cocktail tables. If you’re on a budget, you can build your own columns by buying simple corrugated board and spray paint from the local art supplies store. You can place a few vases with flowers around the venue as well as plates of fresh fruit such as grapes and slices of apples and oranges. Decorate the venue with blue and white drapes for effect. Add little gold details to complete the look.
  • Invitations. One cool yet simple invitation would be to write the details of the party with a gold pen on clean parchment paper. Fold the paper and place it in an envelope. Seal the envelop with red wax. Staying true to the Roman theme, you can also address the invitation to your guest using their gladiator name. For example, instead of “John Doe” you can address him by his Roman name: Mamercus Cornelius Gracchus. You can Google the Roman version of your guest’s name.
  • Food and drinks. What is a Rome without flowing wine and great servings of food? Serve wine in ceramic pitchers, or for the younger kids, sparkling grape juice in wine goblets for that authentic Roman experience. For your party menu, you may want to include salads, kebabs and salads. Don’t forget your staples such as olives, cheeses, grapes and of course Italian bread. The Romans loved their food so make sure to have enough for second and third servings.
  • Games. What better way to enjoy the Roman themed party than with a knock-out drinking game! There are lots of drinking games you can adopt for your party. Search online for the best and most fun drinking games.
  • Why not have improvised chariot races? But instead of chariots, you can use sacks. You can also stage a gladiator fight in your “coliseum.”

The Romans knew how to party so make sure your party lives up to their standard! Have fun! Drink and be merry! Good luck planning your Roman-themed party!


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