How To Throw a Sixties Era Dinner Party

Whether celebrating your grandfather’s 60th birthday or your sixteenth, throwing a sixties dinner party will have your guests' havin’ a ball.

You can choose between two pegs for your sixties theme. You can either channel the Fonze and the gang of Happy Days with a casual-juke box get-together or you can go for a little bit of hip and groove with a Swingin' Sixties theme.

  • Happy Days. The attire for this type of early 60’s themed party would be very laid back and casual. Dress up like the Fonze and James Dean in white shirts and roughed-out denim with a slouchy leather jacket. Don’t forget the slicked back hair. For the women you can channel Olivia Newton John in Grease with the poofed-out hair and thigh hugging jeans. Match your outfit with shocking pink or ruby red lips!
  • Swingin’ 60s. For this Swingin’ 60s theme, you can channel a bit of Austin Powers: flower power, peace signs, blasts of color and perfectly coiffed hair. If in the evening, you may want to "amp" up the ante buy donning shimmery cocktail dresses. For the men, look groovy in bell bottoms and opened button shirts in crazy, bold patterns!
  • Decide on which theme would tickle the fancy of your celebrator and guests’. Set the date, venue and time and have it laid out on an invitation.
  • Invitations. Make 6os inspired invitations. You can design invitations by writing the details on old-school vinyl records. If some of your guests are in other states and would take a longer time to have the invitation sent to them via snail mail, you can also do an e-invitation or create a post on Facebook wherein you can tag all your friends.
  • If you’re doing the Austin Powers theme, you can keep the invitations fun by creating over the top colorful invitations. Make flowers from crepe paper or send groovy buttons with the details attached to them
  • Decorations. For the Happy Days theme, decorate your venues with some festive balloons and aluminum swirls.
  • For the Austin Powers 60s theme, take inspiration from Andy Warhol art works. Spray paint colorful designs of peace signs and flowers onto the walls and make banners using tie-dyed cloth. A disco ball will fit well in the room. If you have the budget, construct an elevated platform which lights up ala Saturday Night Fever style.
  • Games and entertainment. Burn songs from the 60s and have that as your looped soundtrack during the party. Do your research online and download their songs on iTunes, Limewire and YouTube. You can have the music videos play during the party or rent a karaoke machine to create that updated jukebox vibe.
  • Food and drinks. For the Happy Days theme you can have the casual hotdogs, fried chicken and French fry fares. Don’t forget the banana splits and sodas!
  • For the Austin powers sixties theme, any food would do. Just make sure the alcohol is free flowing!

Have fun planning your party and good luck! It will be a blast!


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