How To Throw a Summer Party (Hawaiian Style!)

There are three things that come to mind when you think of Hawaii: hula dancers, flower leis and surfing! Incorporate all of these when throwing a summer luau! This could be great for both kids and adults but more especially teens celebrating their 16th birthday. Here’s how to throw a knock out luau Hawaiian style!

  • Invitations. For invitations, a simple flower in a vase with the details would suffice as an elegant reminder but if you want to exude some casual fun, you can send floral bandanas or saris, long colorful tie-dyed cloths which women and men use as a cover up, with a neatly placed invitation card wrapped along with it.
  • Venue. It would be ideal to have this party at the beach but due to logistical constraint, an outdoor venue with a pool would do just as well. You can create a faux- beach with sand. Decorate your venue with lots of flower leis and palm leaves. Have lounge chairs and rattan cocktail tables situated throughout the venue. You can place flower centerpieces or even plates of fruit for the guests to nibble on. When decorating the venue, the more plants and flowers, the better! If the venue permits, you can also build a small bonfire.
  • Attire. If your venue will be at the pool area or beach, then it would be fitting to have the guests in their bathing suits and sarongs. Men can come in their beach shorts or don their best festive Hawaiian shirts. Any beachwear would fit in well with the theme.
  • Food. Since it is summer, it would be fitting if you had a menu that was light and cool for the tummy. For drinks why not have an array of shakes and coolers like watermelon, kiwi, mango and pineapple coolers. You can throw in a few alcoholic drinks in there for the adults. For food, you can have roasted vegetables, lots of fresh fruit, fresh salads and such. If you would like a more filling fare, you can barbecue kebabs, hotdogs, fish and chicken.
  • Games. For a summer luau, the games you can play are numerous. You can have water related games such as pool volleyball, pool basketball and etc. You can have a water gun or water balloon fight. But the must-do game is or course LIMBO! Test your flexibility skills and strut it low! This game never fails to amuse and get some laughs.
  • Fitting for evening summer luaus is of course the drinking games. You can make up your own drinking game or search online for the best alcoholic contest.
  • For entertainment, you can hire fire dancers where individuals swing around shot put-like contraptions that are set on fire and used in a dance. This show would be absolutely fantastic if done in the evening. Instead of fire dancers, you can always hire or have friends do their version of the hula dance.
  • One fun activity would be to have a henna tattoo artist present. Like going to a beach in Hawaii, you can get henna tattoos. These are not permanent tattoos, as they are made from organic, natural plant dye that rubs off after a few days.

Begin and end your party with a resounding ALOHA! Have fun!


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