How To Throw your Daughter's First Tea Party

Little girls love to play dress up and act like adults. What will be greater and more enjoyable than for them to experience what it is like to act like ladies enjoying an afternoon tête-à-tête with an afternoon tea birthday party? This is a very manageable party since the guest list will be small and there are many tea party items that you can buy or make to make your daughter’s first tea party memorable and unique. Below are some ideas that can help you organize one.

  • Your daughter should be part of the planning team. She has to decide on what colors she would like to be used for the theme. She should also help in choosing the tea set that will be used for the party. You can shop for tea cups, saucers and tea pot from a department store or a ceramic and pottery shop.
  • Find stores where party favors are sold as these are good sources of all items that you will need for the tea party. You should get paper doilies in colors that will coordinate with the theme. You can buy the party favors or you can browse the items for sale to get an idea of what will be good items to buy or make your own. Ask your daughter for a list of items that she thinks will be good to include in the party favor bag. Since they are playing grown-ups it may be a good idea to have prepare a little handbag for each of the guests which will contain lip gloss, stationery with little hearts and tea cups, a small pen, a string of faux pearls, tea cup shaped stickers. Chocolates are one of the favorite sweets of young children so you may want to include a bar or two and wrap them. Include a thank you note on a tea cup or rose-shaped gift tag written and signed by your daughter.
  • Prepare a section in your porch, your garden or your living room where you can have a small table laid up, covered with a lacy or embroidered tablecloth. Place a low or shallow vase filled with delicate pink roses on the table. Tie heart-shaped pink balloons on each of the chair backs to complement the scene and enliven the party setting.
  • Buy or bake tea cakes or cup cakes and add icing in bright colors. You can also prepare finger sandwiches and petit fours that will satisfy them. Since traditional tea may not be too enticing for younger girls, homemade lemon-flavored iced tea sweetened with honey or even chocolate drink with milk will be more to their liking.
  • Ask your daughter if they want to play games and what kind of games she wants to play with her friends. If she wants to experiment with hair and make up make sure that you have a hair blower, brushes, pins and hair clips. You should also get some powders, blushers and eye makeup that will be suitable for young children. This can be the only game that your child and her guests will play or you can have them play a game of Teacup Toss by lining up several teacups, plastic or otherwise and give each guest a cup of plastic beads. Tell them to toss the beads into the teacups and the one with the most beads thrown into the teacup after a set time wins the game.

Tea parties are fun to organize. Roses and hearts are usual motifs for tea parties and you can use these to decorate the invitations. Wide-brimmed hats decorated with silk ribbons and silk roses will also be a great thing to prepare for the guests so that they will feel like grown ups enjoying afternoon tea and sharing news and gossips with a few close friends.


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