How To Tie a Cashmere Scarf

A cashmere scarf is one of the priciest and most coveted pieces of fashion accessory that is used to be worn only by the wealthy and the royalty. This is because cashmere fabrics are very rare since there are only a few countries where cashmere fibers come from. Cashmere is produced by the cashmere or Kashmir goats. These ultra-fine fibers are taken from the undercoat of the goats and are only harvested during spring when the goats are molting. Majority of the cashmere fabrics, about sixty percent come from China while the rest is divided among Australia, New Zealand, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The fabric is so soft and light and very luxurious that a scarf made from cashmere fibers can be labeled as a prized possession. It lends elegance to the wearer but can still look good and fashionable even if worn with denims. There are several ways to tie a cashmere scarf and below are some of them.

  • If you have a long cashmere scarf and you want to cover your ears and the sides of your face, place the cashmere scarf over your head and tie the ends in a loose knot under your chin. This is the most simple and basic way to tie a cashmere scarf. If you do not want to knot the ends, cross the ends in front of your neck and with bring one end over your shoulder and allow the other end fall in front of you or cross the ends and bring them over both your shoulders to fall on your back.
  • Twist or roll up a shorter scarf and wrap it around your neck. Tie a knot over your shoulder with one end, the one to hang in front longer than the other. This is a classic yet sporty look that will go well with a pair of denim jeans.
  • An extra long cashmere scarf can be wrapped loosely around your neck twice with both ends falling in front. Arrange the scarf so that it lies loosely like a cowl around your neck. You can also make it look jaunty by flipping both ends over one shoulder or by letting one end fall in front on one side.
  • Knot the cashmere scarf like you would knot a man’s tie but make it looser. Do not move the knot too close to your throat and position it somewhere below your collarbone like a choker.
  • For an extra chilly day, fold a cashmere scarf in half and wrap it around your neck, gather the ends and push it through the loop that had been formed by folding the scarf in half. Arrange the scarf around your neck to form a warm and close-to-the-skin wrap.
  • Position the middle of the scarf on your throat and flip the ends over your shoulders. Gather the ends and cross them at the back them bring the ends in front. Move the scarf around so that the ends will be nearer your shoulder. Tie a loose square knot and pull the scarf into so that the two loops are closer together.

Cashmere scarves can both be warm and cool, depending on how you wear them. Sling one over your shoulders and let the ends dangle in front and you will be cool and chic even if the weather turns warms. Cashmere scarves, being made from natural fibers have the property to “breathe” so they are still all right to use even during summer. Just do not tie it too close to your neck. You can also use is as a bag accessory or as a cool belt around your waist.


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