How To Tie a Scarf Around the Waist

Scarves are not only used as neck wear or something to keep your hair in place. Scarves give an ordinary top some color, texture and a focal point of interest. Scarves are fashion accessories that have many uses other than the traditional one. They have evolved from being a functional accessory to absorb sweat and protect the face, eyes, nose and mouth from dirt, harsh wind and intense heat from the sun. They are now worn and tied in different ways to make a fashion statement. With an array of uses, scarves are very handy and inexpensive accessory that will provide functionality and style to any wardrobe. One of the many ways to tie a scarf is to wrap it around your middle. Below are some of the ways that you can tie a scarf around your waist.

  • Most of the scarves that can be used tied around the waist are rectangular and oversized square scarves as well as long and skinny ones. These can be folded, rolled or opened and placed strategically on one side of the hips.
  • Pick a skinny scarf that echoes one of the colors of your top. Thread it around the belt loops of your jeans for a sporty and fresh look. Thread the scarf over the top button of your jeans and tie a half knot to one side instead and allow the ends to hang freely.
  • Fold or roll a long rectangular scarf. Wrap the scarf from the front and cross the ends at the back and bring then ends back in front. Make a half knot to one side of your waist and tie the ends into a small bow. This looks good when you are wearing a skirt with the top tucked in to emphasize your small waistline. It can also be worn over a long top to deemphasize a long torso.
  • When you are out of the pool or the beach you can fold a large scarf into a triangle and wrap it around one of your hips. Bring the ends over to the other side. Arrange the folds across your hips and tummy so that they will fall naturally and conform to your body shape better and tie the ends over your other hip in a square knot.
  • Roll or twist a soft rectangular scarf and wrap it around your waist from the back. Tie the ends in an overhand knot before making a small bow. Position the bow over your belly button or to the side for a more jaunty and carefree look.
  • Another way to create a cool cover up for swimwear when you get out of the water is to use two scarves of matching size and create a petal skirt. Open one scarf fully and drape it over one hip and pulling the ends across your stomach and buttocks and tying the ends over the other side of your waist. Now drape the other scarf over your other hip and tie the ends over your other side. This can look very interesting and unique and can even be used for a casual get together with black top and black tights. Choose sheer and colorful scarves to create dramatic contrast against black.

Keep a scarf handy inside your hand bag. This small accessory can be very useful in an emergency when you do not have the time to change your clothes for an after office party.


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