How To Tie Braided Fishing Line Knots

Do you fish a lot? Then, you may have already observed your braided fishing line’s most common problem. It usually breaks off right in the heavy corner. Anyway, you can stop complaining now. You can solve that by tying your braided fishing line with suitable knots.

Here are some knots that have easily become quite popular since they offer more flexibility and strength to your braided fishing line. Here are two examples of those knots for your braided fishing line:

  • Uni knot. Again, hold the hook as you let the line pass into the eye. Use the standing line so you can create a loop on the side. Let the line go into the loop and then, around your main line. Do it about eight times. After you have wet your line, move the knot into the eye of the hook. Slide it carefully. Afterwards, hold the end of the tag. Pull it so you can adjust the knot. Tighten it well before you start trimming the end of the tag.This knot is considered to be very strong. It can withstand sudden jerks. It is also used in a lot of applications. In fact, it is the best knot for joining two separate lines. Although it works well with braided lines, monofilament fishing lines benefit from it, too. This knot has another version popularly referred to as the “snelled”. This particular version is highly reliable in terms of protecting you from abrasion. You just have to put the knot under the hook’s eye. Another variation that you expect from this version is the hook’s angle of pull. It is a bit different from the regular hook. Fishing experts say that it has a better hook setting.
  • Double palomar knot. Hold the hook as you aim to thread a line straight into its eye. After you have threaded the line, put it back right into the eye of the hook. That should allow you to form a loop. Position the loop on the side and keep it a bit large. Continue by tying a single knot. Do it using the line and the loop. Hold the looped end. Let it pass behind the loop that you have formed when you tied a single knot. After that, hold the single knot’s looped side so you can place it over the hook. Then, wet your line. Pull out the end of the tag to secure the knot and make it a bit tighter. You can close your single knot by trimming the tag. Like the uni knot, this is ideal in tying your braided fishing into a lure or a hook. It is also preferred for assuring a strong knot. Although it is easy to form, it may pose some challenges especially when used in snapper rigs or in any fishing lines that have larger diameters.

Tying the knots for your braided fishing line is quite simple. Of course, there are other ways to do it. The above listed examples are just two of them. You can refer to a number of references on-line. You can also consult some of fishing enthusiasts for a more practical insight.


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