How To Tie Down a Motorcycle in a Trailer

Your trailer can help you transport a lot of heavy stuff, including your motorcycle. But you should learn how to properly tie it down to your trailer. Aside from the techniques to learn, you should also identify and take into account the critical tension points. You should likewise find the suitable straps that you have to use. Of course, you should not forget factoring in balance. You want to make sure that your motorcycle doesn’t rumble down as you hit the road. Here are some reminders for you:

  • Use the right straps. Transporting a street bike or a dirt bike requires nylon tie-downs. Produce at least four pieces, with ratchets or cam buckles. Thickness should be between 1.5” and 2”. Those nylon tie-downs can carry loads – up to thousands of pounds.
  • Set up the straps. Lay out two straps in front of your trailer. Then, place another two at the rear. Hold the lower portions of the straps so you can attach them to the hooks of your trailer. Position the slacks on the floor, right where you can conveniently reach them when you eventually load your motorbike. See to it that the attachment point is either near your trailer or at its bottom. Never fasten the nylon tie-downs to your trailer’s sidewalls. When the strap angle is more than 45 degrees, it can easily give in to downward tension.
  • Load your motorbike. Roll it into your trailer. You can ride on it or you can simply push it. Note when the front tire gets right in front of your trailer. Position the kickstand and then, grab the two straps in front.
  • Secure your motorbike. Begin doing that in front. It is highly critical. Hook the straps into your handlebars. Or, you can loop them over your handlebars first and then, you can slip your hook into that loop. When your motorcycle is already standing still, pull the front straps. Then, you can push the kickstand, squeeze the forks, and reduce the travel in the motorbike’s suspension.
  • Double-check your motorbike’s position. It should sit perfectly vertical. If it leans a bit on one side, adjust the straps on both sides. Loose them, if necessary. Then, assess the position one more.
  • Connect the rear straps. Hook them into your motorcycle’s frame. If you position them on a non-permanent part of your motorcycle, they may readily tear off. Make sure to fasten them well. The tension should be even. The rear suspension doesn’t need to be compressed. The rear straps are only there to prevent your motorbike from bouncing.

Shake your motorbike. Does it be grabbing the handlebars. You have successfully accomplished your task once your motorbike acts as your trailer’s extension. When you shake it, you should feel as if have welded your motorcycle on the floor of your trailer. And when you attempt to pull your motorbike, your trailer should move and not your motorbike. If the results are not consistent to what have been specified here, reworks the straps. You have to get the tension right. If everything is all right, then, give kudos to yourself and prepare to hit the road.


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