How To Tie Wrap Pants

Wrap pants are quite simple. They have a loose fit. They don’t require buttons or zippers.You can tie them around your waist. And here’s something more interesting about them. Their legs are very versatile.You can wear them any way you want. You can base the style according to your preferred length. Of course, if you intend to show more of your skin, you can wear them a bit shorter than the regular.

Wrap pants may slightly vary because of their waistbands and leg styles. But you can expect to tie them in the same way.  If the weather is cold, it is always practical to match them underneath with a pair of tights, leggings, or sweat pants. Or, you can wear them by themselves. You just have to teach yourself how to tie them properly and securely.  

Here are some instructions on how you can tie them well:

  • Hold your pair of wrap pants. Then, line it up with your waist. You can wear it any way you want.  Its front looks exactly like its back.  
  • After your have aligned your pair of wrap pants with your waist, promptly grab its sides. Wrap them around you so you can tie their ends behind your back. Tie them as if you were putting an apron.  Fashion their ends like a big bow.
  • Reach for the back of your pair of wrap pants. Pull it back between your legs. Eventually, scour for the back waistband. Pull it back, too, until it reaches your waist.
  • Continue by wrapping the back waistband of your pants. Form a bow by tying the ends around your front. If you are not comfortable in showing the ends, tuck them neatly inside the waist of your pants.
  • Check out the sides of your pants. Do you want them to cover your legs completely? Make the necessary adjustments. On the other hand, if you are confident and showing your legs isn’t a big problem, modify the placement of the sides, too.
  • Inspect the leg openings. Do you prefer them loose? Then, leave just like that. On the hand, you can adjust their fitting by tying the fabric’s lower corners. Place the knot right on your ankles’ sides. If you desire to achieve a snug fit, similar to that of a genie’s, then, continue by bringing the fabric’s lower corners just around each of your ankle’s inside so you can easily put them together and create a knot.
  • If you are imaging a style for breeches, roll up of your pants. Do it until you reach the length of your knee. Hold the fabric’s lower corners in order to tie them in a knot. You can opt to tuck in the fabric’s ends into the legs of your pants.

Generally, wrap pants are unisex.  In other words, both men and women can wear them. They are also available in various sizes. If your pair has drawstrings, adjust the fabric’s fullness. It is highly recommended. You can do that by tying knots right at the sides of your legs. Remove your pants by untying the waistband bows and the leg knots.


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