How To Tighten or Replace Coolant Hoses in a Dodge Intrepid

A Dodge Intrepid is quite popular. And if you own one, kindly note that its coolant hoses demand a regular maintenance schedule. In fact, you have to inspect them at least two times a year. You should look for bubbles and cracks. If the coolant hoses have been impaired or damaged, prompt replacement becomes necessary. You should also assess if the radiator or the coolant hoses have to be upgraded, especially if you are considering to use your Dodge Intrepid in some extreme conditions. Here are some guidelines for you:

  • Allow your Dodge Intrepid to cool down. Give it at least an hour. It is even better if you can let it rest a bit longer before you take out its radiator cap.
  • After you have removed your car’s radiator, start draining the coolant. Open the radiator using a wrench. After that, grab a bucket. Position it right below your car’s drain plug so you can strive to minimize the leaks. Don’t forget to inspect the hoses every now and then. End this step by checking out if you have depleted enough coolant.
  • Bring out a pair of pliers. If you don’t have any, a nut driver is a good alternative.  Use any of them to release the coolant hose clamps from your car’s spring clamps. Pull off the coolant hose clamps from the fitting cautiously. Twist them back and forth. If the coolant hose clamps are too difficult to remove, use a knife. Peel them off from the fitting. See to it that the clamps are going to fall right at the center of coolant hoses.
  • Grab the ends of your new hose. Cover them with coolant. Meanwhile, secure the clamps by placing them into the hose. Look for the nipple. Then, thrust the hose over it. If the coolant hoses are difficult to fit, turn them around. Understand that coolant hoses may vary, especially when it comes to their inside diameters. But don’t worry. They can fit once you follow the right direction.
  • Again, bring out a pair of pliers in order to secure your car’s clamps. You can also use a nut driver, if you wish. Proceed by refilling your car’s radiator. Afterwards, change your car’s radiator cap.
  • Switch on your Dodge Intrepid. Inspect the new coolant hoses. Watch out for leaks. Once the coolant starts circulating, you can always add some more.

Never reuse a coolant when it is already contaminated. It is better to dispose it immediately. Your Dodge Intrepid may get it trouble if you insist in salvaging it. You may end up spending more money for repair. You should also dispose it when it has been with you for more than two years.  

By the way, a coolant is very lethal, especially when it is ingested. So, store it away from your beloved pets. You should also prevent your kids from reaching it. So, place it in a container and seal it properly. Place it somewhere safe. If there are some spills in your work area, clean up quickly and thoroughly.


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