How To Tighten Pores with Honey and Eggs

Yes, it is true. Those large pores on your skin can readily dull your natural complexion. In fact, if your skin is oily, those large pores can be clogged. In other words, you should prevent oil, bacteria, and dirt from coming nearer to those large pores. Once they have been clogged, expect bigger problems to arise. Those large pores can “grow” – thrice their average size!  When that happens, you can no longer hide them from the naked eye.

But don’t freak out. You can still tighten those pesky large pores. One of the best remedies is applying some honey and eggs. Understand that honey isn’t just a wonderful skin cleanser. It is also a reliable anti-oxidant. On the other hands, eggs can tighten and hydrate your skin – yes, right at the same time.

Here are the easy steps:

  • Get some fresh lemons. Squeeze the juice. You need about ½ cup. Afterwards, set it aside. The juice from the fresh lemons is going to help in controlling the oil production in your skin. Don’t forget that oil can clog the large pores. So, you have, at least to control it, if you can’t totally get rid of it.
  • Bring out an egg. Beat it evenly and thoroughly in a bowl. Then, add some honey, about two teaspoons. After that, add some apple cider vinegar, about a teaspoon. Use a whisk to blend all the ingredients. Blending egg and honey has been a significant part of some beauty rituals for centuries now. The concoction can tighten your skin. It has been used as “a tightening mask”. It can dramatically improve your skin complexion.
  • Get lemon juice that you have squeezed in Step 1. Add about a teaspoon of that fresh juice into the concoction you have prepared in Step 2. Blend everything well. Stir consistently for at least a minute. Again, set the mixture aside.
  • Prepare to clean your face. Stick to a mild cleanser. Wash your face well. Afterwards, pat your face dry.
  • Get your egg-honey mixture. Begin applying it generously all over your face. Note where your large pores are. Concentrate on those spots. After you have applied the mixture, proceed massaging your facial skin. Do it gently.
  • Let the egg-honey mixture stay on your facial skin. Leave it for about 15 minutes. That should allow the mixture’s active ingredients to be absorbed by your skin. Once they get to penetrate deeply into your large pores, expect them to get rid of those unwanted oil, bacteria, and dirt. You can do something productive while waiting for the time to pass. Or, you can just relax a bit. Read your favorite book, listen to music, or watch TV.
  • After 15 minutes, wash your face. Use lukewarm water. See to it that the egg-honey mixture is completely rinsed off from your face.

If you intend to achieve better and faster results, you can apply the treatment more often. If you are allergic to one of the ingredients mentioned here, stop using it. By the way, since the ingredients are natural products, you have to refrigerate the mixture to lengthen its shelf life.


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