How To Tile Your Whole Bathroom

Adding new tiles to your bathroom is one of the best way to easily change the appearance of your bathroom. You can even make your bathroom look even larger just by choosing the right tile color and design. Here’s how you can add tiles to your bathroom.

  • Fixtures. Before anything else, you will need to remove all of the fixtures that are attached to the bathroom. These usually include the shower door, the toilet, the sink, and any other objects that are attached to the wall and to the bathroom floor. This way, you will be able to apply the tiles completely, without having to cut through the tiles to fit the shape of the fixture, which is actually a much more difficult process. Try to clean and dry the bathroom before removing the fixtures, so that they will not drip.
  • Sheet rock. Next, you will need to apply a new layer of sheet rock over your walls and your floor. The sheet rock will keep water from penetrating through the walls and the floor. If you are only renovating the bathroom, and there is already some sheet rock installed, determine whether the sheet rock is still in good condition or if it already needs to be replaced. Use heavy-duty glue to install the sheet rock, and make sure that you add caulking on the seams so that water will not pass through the edges.
  • Shower base.  Now, you will need to install the shower base in the bathroom. Make sure that you align all of the pipes that lead water into the showerhead, and all of the pipes that drain water out.  The shower base will be covered with the tiles, which is why they need to be applied before you lay out the tiles.
  • Tiling direction. Now, you can actually start adding the tiles. To add the tiles, start from the back part of the bathroom. Work on the walls first, starting from the bottom part of the wall, and then eventually climbing your way up the wall. After adding the tiles on the wall, add the tiles for the flooring, starting from the back all the way forward. Use liquid nails that are designed for tiles to get the tiles to stick to the walls. Keep in mind that when using tiles, the illusion of a larger room can be achieved by using larger tiles.
  • Grout. Now that you have attached the tiles, make sure that you line the seams of each tile with some grout. Start with the walls, and then the floor. Start from the top part of the wall, and then work your way downward. For the floor tiles, start from the back part of the floor, then inch your way to the front.

After the grout has dried, you reinstall the sink, the toilet, and the other fixtures that you have removed from the bathroom. With these easy steps, you should be able to easily apply tiles to your bathroom. Make sure that you allot at least an entire day for the entire tiling process.


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