How To Touch Up Curls between Perms

Perming your hair is one of the best methods of adding extra body and bounce and some curls into otherwise limp, flat hair. Permed hair is easy to maintain, simply wash and wear, and you come up with a great looking care-free hairstyle without having to use all of those heating devices too frequently. What perming does is work on your hair’s inner structures, breaking them down and giving them a new shape altogether. A curler or perming rod is used to reform the hair as the perming solution does its work. Since perming must be done every few months or so, there are several ways to maintain those curls and keep them looking their best while waiting for your next salon visit. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Get your permed, curly hair trimmed. One way to keep the bounce on those permed curls is having your hair trimmed frequently. This not only helps in keeping the curls in shape but keeping the hair healthy as well, preventing its ends from drying out.
  • Make use of mousses and gels. Permed curls usually begin to loosen up when the hair is dry. One solution would be to apply hair products such as gels or activating mousses right after taking a shower. They do a good job of showing off your permed curls nicely. You can also make use of a good quality protein hair conditioner after shampooing your hair. If you notice that your permed hair is dryer than usual, use the conditioner more frequently to moisturize and soften your curls.
  • Avoid using hair brushes on your curls. The best way to smoothen out permed curls if you must is with a hair pick. Hair brushes can damage your curls and give your hair a frizzy appearance.
  • Try getting a root perm instead. A root perm is done solely on the hair’s root area. It works on new hair that is just beginning to grow after being permed, and gives the roots an added lift without affecting the ends of the permed curls. You can then alternate a complete head perm and the root perm twice a year, which will help in keeping your hair healthy and in good shape.

Hair perming is a process that requires expertise and it is still best to get a professional to do it for you. This is because an expert would start by analyzing your hair first to check if it is suitable for perming. Some types of hair may not respond well to the process so hair analysis is important. Aside from that, you are also able to select from a wide variety of curling styles that can only be done in a professional hair salon. Should you decide however that you can do a home job, make sure that you read and follow your product’s instructions to the letter, including the recommended time you keep the perming solution on your hair. Do a test curl to check if your hair is fit for a perm too. If need be, ask a friend to help you out so that you can perm you hair correctly, especially the back area that you may not be able to reach.


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