How To Trace a Dress Pattern

A pattern is very important in the process of creating a dress. If you make a mistake out of the pattern, you will end up ruining the project. If you do everything the right way, you can create a masterpiece in the end. Hence, it is very important that you trace a dress pattern correctly. You cannot afford to make a mistake when doing this, so check out these following steps you must follow:

  • Prepare all the things you need in tracing a dress pattern. This includes craft paper, a clear plastic ruler, a corkboard, scissors, and a pencil. You will also need a tracing wheel, tape measure, and a clean sheet of paper.
  • Start making measurements for the dress. It is important that you do this thing right so that you will end up having a good dress in the end. Take the necessary measurements of the person who will be wearing the dress. Measure the upper chest, chest, waist, hip, across the back, sleeve length, arm, cuff, neck, and dress length. Take not of these measurements correctly and make sure you keep them handy.
  • Put all the measurements in your craft paper. Draw the measurements in detail starting with the actual length of the dress. Continue drawing the measurements onto the paper from the armhole, waistline, hip, chest, and so on.
  • Trace the dress pattern carefully. You need to trace the measurements on paper so as to give shape to the design of the dress. Start by tracing the shape from the chest to the waist. Then, start tracing from the waist going to the hip and then to the bottom.
  • Give shape to the dress' armhole. After giving shape to the body of the dress, it is time to trace the armhole. Afterwards, work on tracing the wideness or broadness of the dress's neck.
  • Add an allowance to the pattern for the seams. Use the clear ruler to add half an inch of seam allowance to the newly traced pattern. This is to guide you in cutting the pattern later on and cutting the fabric for the dress. Make sure to add this allowance to all sides of the pattern.
  • Use a real dress to trace a pattern. If you can get a dress that is the exact measurement of the person you are sewing it for, you can use it to trace a dress pattern for your use. First, you have to place the dress on top of the pattern paper. Then, trace the shape of this dress using a tracing wheel. Once done, take off the dress and then add seam allowance to all sides of the pattern.
  • Cut the dress pattern to proceed with your sewing task. Your pattern will not be helpful if you do not cut it down. Hence, after tracing down the pattern, it is time for you to cut it according to the shape of the pattern. Once done, you are ready to proceed with sewing the dress.

Tracing a dress pattern is easy. However, you still have to be careful with every step to ensure you are doing it perfectly. Take note that proper tracing process means a successful dress piece at the end of the day. Hence, make sure that you follow the above-mentioned tips closely.


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