How To Trace a Phone Number in the UK

If you are in UK, it is just easy to trace a phone number. The sophisticated technology has made it easier for you to know the origin of the number calling you. This is true in terms of missed calls, frank callers, and the like. If you have to track a phone number here in UK, here is how you can do so:

  • List down the correct number you intend to trace. Write down the complete number of the phone you are tracing. This is very important because an incomplete number will be always invalid no matter what method you use for tracing it. Also, notice what the land code is for the number. If it is from UK, the land code is +44.  
  • Check the mobile carrier of the phone number. This is true if you are dealing with a cellular phone number. This will help you narrow down your lookup in terms of the origin of the number.  
  • Trace the number using online phone directories. There are several directories in the Internet that will help you in tracing the phone number. For instance, is a good website that can be of help to you. The website offers a special section where you can trace numbers originating only from UK. Directories like this are usually free of charge. However, keep in mind not to easily trust free online phone lookup directories. There are some that provide inaccurate information, which will not be helpful for your purpose.  
  • Seek the help of a tracing company. If what you are after is a mobile phone number, there are various companies you can trust these days. However, take note that a company like this will require you a monthly payment so you can use its services.  
  • Consider using UK Phone Number Database Hub. This is a telephone directory that will help you locate a phone number's details. If you visit its website, you have to enter the phone number you are tracing. If it is in the database, the site will indicate it is available. Only then you can pay for a small amount and get the information you need.  
  • Seek help from landline phone tracing companies. If what you are searching for is a landline number, you must find companies that specialize in tracing landline numbers. These companies work similarly with mobile phone tracers and they also require a fee for their services.  
  • Hire an investigator for your search. If you have done everything yet you do not see any progress, the best thing you can do is hire an investigator. This is also true if you do not have enough time to deal with the tracking. A trusted investigator can easily help you trace a UK phone number in exchange for a fee. If you want, you can look for an investigator that will offer a No Hit/No Fee policy. This way, you are guaranteed that your money will be worth something in the end.

It often is time consuming to track a phone number. However, with your patience and determination, you can always find success in your tracking job. You can choose to start with the free options first and then resort to paid methods if you do not find luck on the first option. Good luck!


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