How To Trace Any Unknown Caller

Nothing invades your privacy more than having an unknown number pestering you with calls every day. Whether it’s a particularly annoying sales rep trying to get you to buy into something, or a heavy-breathing weirdo or suspicious phone numbers your family member is trying desperately to hide, there are ways to trace the call back to its origin.

Below are a few suggestions on how you can back track these calls to the persons making them.

  • *69. A proven solution. With a few quick keystrokes on your phone’s number pad, you can have all the answers you’re looking for provided the party on the other end of the line is forthcoming with information.
  • Caller ID. You can ask your service provider for the kind of Caller ID services they provide. This allows you to get the name and numbers of those mysterious phone calls and will allow you to screen incoming calls as well. Most phone service providers nationwide offer this service it’s just a matter of how much they charge extra per month.
  • Caller complaint numbers. Your phone service provider often has this service for its subscribers. Just take note of the particularly harassing phone call and make a note of it then report his number to the customer helpline of your service provider. There may be limits to the kind of information your service provider can divulge regarding the owner of the phone you’ve reported but at least you’ve gone on record complaining about the caller.
  • Reverse phone number search. One of the advantages of the digital age is that almost all information is available online. You can access one of the many sites that allow you to trace phone numbers. Whether they are cell phones or landlines, you can find sites online that will help you discover who’s calling your private number by logging on their website.
  • Take note of the area code. All phone numbers include an area code at the beginning of their caller ID. And if you’re resourceful enough and are great with research, you can narrow down the location of that annoying caller with a few inquiries made to the appropriate companies.
  • Use the services of a PI. Private detectives, PIs, gumshoes, shamuses, whatever names they may refer to themselves these days but detectives are always good at uncovering information. Hiring a PI could become costly but you are at least assured that you are employing the services of a professional who can guarantee results. But unless there is a criminal case you want to file against the caller, hiring a PI should be the last option you decide upon. Criminal cases could include stalking, harassment, threat of physical violence or coercion.

Discovering that mysterious number that’s been calling you could be a Pandora’s box of answers to questions that you would not like answered. A good grasp of technology will help you understand how to get these pesky numbers and will afford you the peace of mind knowing who was behind those calls.


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