How To Track a Mobile Phone

Technology is so advanced today that even mobile phones can be tracked. In fact, a range of mobile phone tracking options is available for you, whether you want to track a stolen phone or ensure the safety of your loved ones. If this is your first time tracking a phone, here are a few tips that may help.

  • Use GPS chip. GPS chip is one of the most commonly used mobile phone tracking tools. Some newer phones come equipped with GPS chips, while other phones have to be installed with one. Linked to compatible tracking software, which should be downloaded to a computer, GPS chips work by informing the tracker about the location of the mobile phone and sending some other details. GPS chips are available in most mobile phone stores. They are so small and inconspicuous. So if you don’t want the mobile phone owner to know of the tracking, GPS chip is ideal to use.
  • Look for tracking software. The software is installed in the computer and mobile phone itself. The nice thing about tracking software is that plenty of options are available. Some, in fact, can be used for free and can be easily used to track a GPS-equipped mobile phone. Search on the net about the tracking software programs that are compatible with the mobile phone being tracked and decide which one is best to use.
  • Know about the tracking applications for your phone. Smart phones like iPhone and Blackberry can be downloaded with a tracking application. InstaMapper is one example. Some applications have subscription fee, while others are free of charge. Visit the official websites of the phones’ manufacturers to find more about the tracking applications. You might also want to know the tracking programs offered by telecoms.
  • Wait for the verification message. After the installment of a tracking tool, a verification message will be sent to the mobile phone stating that the tracking service is now activated. If, however, you are installing the GPS chip, tracking software, or any other tracking tool without the knowledge of the mobile phone user, remember to keep the phone in your possession until the verification message arrives. Ideally, though, the mobile phone owner should be aware of the tracking device or software.
  • Be wary of scams. Remember that mobile phone tracking is another service that scammers want to use for their ill purposes. So if you intend to use a tracking tool or program, be very careful and discerning. Particularly, don’t be fooled by websites that promise to track a phone by just entering the mobile number. Ninety-nine percent of the time, this is a scam. Even if they don’t ask for money, you can’t be entirely sure they are safe. Who knows where they will use the number.

And finally, reassess your purpose for tracking a mobile phone. If it’s going to be just for retrieving a stolen phone or ensuring the safety of your loved ones, tracking can be good. But if you intend to spy on someone, or worse, stalk a person, you might have to stop on your tracks and think again. Tracking can be counted as an invasion of privacy. And invasion of privacy is illegal.


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