How To Track Cell Phones

One of man’s best inventions, cell phones, has improved the overall quality of people’s daily lives. Cell phones have, with the simplest function of calling and texting, connected people on a regular basis. With such revolution and development more bonds have been created and more relationships strengthened. But did you know that cell phones can help you connect to your loved ones even without them calling or texting.

  • This particular mobile phone feature comes in handy in times of emergency. In times when the people you want to connect to cannot attend to your calls or messages because of a physical danger or challenge. This feature can be used by as simple as putting a tracking software on your loved ones cell phone. Here are some tips on how to track cell phones.
  • Before tracking begins. Before you install the tracking safety feature on your loved one’s cell phone you must get the right equipment to do so. First off, borrow your loved one’s cell phone. You will need the cell phone so you can program the tracking software inside. With that said, you will also need tracking software. This is the important element of this task. And lastly, you will need a computer and Internet connection that both runs well and with little hassle. Get these items and you will be all set to install tracking software so you can track your loved one’s cell phone.
  • Track the tracker. Now, you should have a tracking software program to begin the next step. Go online to do this. Your best bet is two tracking software programs, Wherify and uLocate. These two will help you in tracking cell phones. It is just a matter of downloading it and installing it on your loved one’s cell phone.
  • Hardcore tracking. You can settle for the downloadable tracking software or you can go for the real deal. It is not as if the tracking software does not work but a GPS system is more reliable. All you need is a GPS chip. Attach or install it to the phone. Be reminded though, that the seller of the GPS also has access to the cell phone’s location. So make sure that the seller is reliable and has no shady background. After putting the GPS in the phone you have to pair it up with software. This software will hook up with either Google maps or MapQuest. These are the two sites that are easy to interface and generally available to all for use thus, making them ideal for tracking a cell phone. Remember the location given is an approximate only and not the exact location. You might need the help of the authorities if you are looking for someone.
  • Tracking, on. No matter what method you use, there is an activation that you have to go through. So upon getting the tracking software, read the instruction manual thoroughly. Follow each detail and then install. And do not forget to activate. You cannot go wrong if you follow the directions.

What other sees as a hassle, as tracking is used for stalking and voyeurism is of big use to people with the right intention. So if you care for your loved ones ask their permission and install a cell phone tracker so you can keep tabs on their safety.


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