How To Track Credit Card Expenses with Accuracy

Financial problems are often rooted to the lack of organization when it comes to tracking your own expenses. Dealing with credit cards is a fine example. Losing track of your credit card expenses or transactions can most definitely lead to money problems. To avoid such unfavorable scenario, a reliable tracking process or strategy is the answer.

Here are some reliable tips on how you can track credit card expenses with accuracy.

  • Keep all your credit card receipts. If your credit card transactions are forwarded in your provider’s website, secure a printed copy of it. If you have several credit card units at hand, remember to do this tracking for each of your cards. In any purchase made, be prompt in updating your list or informing your website. This will serve as a perfect reminder for you as the credit card holder.
  • Use a Microsoft application which allows you to keep a very accessible list of your credit card expenses from each passing months. Use Microsoft Spreadsheet, Excel or simply a traditional notebook and pen. Outline all your credit cards in an organized list. Include the credit card limit as well as the remaining amount in that particular card. Do the same with the rest of your credit cards in your organized list. Preferably on a weekly basis, update your list by placing diligently any expenses you have made on that week. To add more accuracy and for future reference as well, write down the name of the store where these items are bought and even the date of purchase. With every card that is part of your list, complete information has to be included too.
  • Have a tally every month of all your recordings for several weeks. Secure the storage of this list. Consider it as an important document. Don’t forget to click on save. For those who have opted for the traditional way of notebook and pen, make sure that its contents are very safe against natural wear and tear of the file.
  • If you have the corresponding budget, you can hire an accountant that will do the job of tracking your credit card expenses. However, if you think a full time accountant is too much, ordinary people settle for university students. Hire an Accounting major to manage your finances. Craigslist or eBay can accommodate your advertisement. Check carefully the characteristics of the person that you wish to hire. You should hire someone who can understand your goal well, is reasonable and of course has mastery in numbers.
  • Have a definite schedule for shopping. Do not shop spontaneously. Have a definite time to go shopping. For example, shop only during weekends. This way, there won’t be any trouble in keeping track of all the expenses that you made. If you can, ask your personal student accountant on any plan with your credit card expenses.

Tracking credit cards is not a walk in the part. You need a definite and concrete plan to do so in an effective manner. It is important to ask for help from a close friend or family if you yourself have trouble doing it.


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