How To Track Cruise Ships

Online opportunities have allowed previously non-existent options to become possible. Tracking cruise ships is now an uncomplicated task. There are several tracking websites around. With the use of dots and other navigation symbols, websites can deliver reports on the whereabouts of the cruise ships as well as provide their schedules. Another way of tracking is with the help of the webcam from the ship itself, it is attached on the top part.

Here are some steps on how to track cruise ships.

  • Try, this website allows visitors to track sea position of certain ships. Be familiar with two search boxes offered for you to enter some details about the ship that you wish to track. One box calls you to enter the ship’s international call sign. It is usually a combination of four or more numbers and letters. If you don’t have any idea of the ship’s call number, there is always the other search box that requires you to input the ship’s name.
  • Don’t be confused by the maps that you will be receiving. If you have searched the ship by its name, you’ll be receiving the cruise ship’s map. Meanwhile, if you were able to find the correct cruise ship international call number the map that you will be receiving is the direct path that the cruise is or will be taking. Be mindful of red dots that can be seen in the map. Small red dots are the positions in the map where the ship has been to. Meanwhile, find the biggest red dot there is, and it will tell you where the ship actually is.
  • Track a cruise ship by using 3D Google Earth. This uses updated webcam pictures from the cruise ship itself. By clicking on a specific ship’s folder, you will see pertinent information concerning the ship that owns that file. This includes weather, wind speed, position and of course the general course where the ship is planning to take. Because you are downloading a 3D model there is a possibility that other network solution is slower than most kinds.
  • Know that satellite is also used to track cruise ship from outer space. This is powered or fixed by Be mindful about reading signs, if they are not sure, don’t worry as there is always there a panel in the sides of the figure. Know the benefits by visiting This is also the office that allows you to get active about their online ancestry.
  • Majority of ships have a web cam installed on their respective top parts. On this particular site, you are allowed to go with the flow. You will just have to click on the webcam action and presto! The location of the ship can be determined by the pictures that they took.

Recent technology has connected the line and lines of maritime industry. It is also very much alive because of the opportunity in a way that is very cheap. It is also more often than not, very reliable with time and location of the ship.


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