How To Train Eskimo Puppies

Dogs are great companions for anyone. They just need love, care, and a bit of training to prevent any mishaps. Among the many dogs to choose from, Eskimo dogs or “Eskies” are one of the most affectionate breeds to care for. Though they are quite hard to care for due to their fur issues, you’ll find them adorable family members. American Eskimo dogs are known for being smart but you still have to train them early on to avoid behavior issues when they mature. If you want to train your Eskimo puppies, here’s how.

  • Make a schedule. All puppies are more comfortable with a routine training. Routines make them feel more secure because they have an idea on what to expect. All activities should be scheduled, so make sure you can attend to all of them religiously. Otherwise, you’ll have a very anxious and confused puppy once you get home. Assign a fixed schedule for meals, walks, rest, sleep, and playtime.
  • Have a regular exercise routine. Exercise can greatly benefit any canine. Physical activities such as walks and fetching are great outlets for an Eskimo dog’s energetic nature. It makes them tamer and more behaved. Good forms of exercise for an eskie are walking, fetching, swimming, and fly balls. Walks are also the best form of exercise for dogs. Start by a short walk and then gradually increasing the lengths to not overwhelm your puppy. Use command words and leash to properly train your eskies on how to properly follow commands such as sitting, lying down, and others.
  • Give reinforcements. Reinforcements are rewards for good behavior. Just like toddlers, Eskimo puppies need rewards for their good behavior in order for them to continually behave well. Give him treats and praise him well and you’ll see a well-mannered Eskimo puppy in no time. Rewards are great encouragements to continue an eskie’s good behavior.
  • Give him something to chew on. All dogs have the need to chew so provide a good source of chew bones or toys. Eskimo dogs associate well with the environment and are very energetic so you’ll find them chewing your dining table if you don’t give them proper objects to chew on.
  • Always be consistent. The key in training your dog well is to be consistent with how you treat him. If you give him food every family meal time, then he will always expect to eat every meal time. Also, if one family member plays with him, then he’s going to expect the same with other family members. Make sure the other people in household can also attend to your dog’s needs or you’ll see a very confused and agitated Eskie.
  • Make him feel safe. Dog houses are necessary for our friendly canines. Just like humans, dogs have to feel safe in their houses in order for them to interact properly. Don’t make your dog’s house a place for punishment or else you won’t find use for it anymore.

Training an Eskimo dog is a hard work, especially with their playful behavior. Just remember to have patience and enough affection for them to make them behave well.


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