How To Train to Become an ATF Special Agent Industry Operations Investigator

ATF stands for alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. The United States has a bureau on this concern, which is involved in protecting the country from crimes like terrorism, arson, numbing, alcohol and tobacco trafficking, and firearm violations as well. The headquarters of said bureau is located in Washington DC while its 25 offices are situated in different states. The special agents of this bureau are authorized to carry out investigations and prepare reports, make arrests, effectuate a search warrant, and testify in courts. Due to the multifarious activities and functions of an ATF special agent, one must train and work hard to become one. And if you are aspiring to be one, below are some of the tips that could help you while training to become an ATF special agent industry operations investigator.

  • Know how to handle a firearm. One of the things that are required of a special agent belonging to the US Bureau on Alcohol and Tobacco and Firearms is to know how to use firearms.
  • Acquire the basic requirements. You must be a US citizen before you can become a special agent of ATF and must be between 21 to 37 years old. But you can disregard the age requirement if you already have worked as part of the law enforcement for civilians previously. In case you are a male, you would also need to register under the Selective Service System. You also need a valid driver’s license.  There are minimum educational requirements that you need to comply with. You must have 3 years of experience as a law enforcer or simply possess a bachelor's degree or a combination of both.
  • Be physically fit. The training program for ATF special agents is very intense. It does not only involve training on tactics but also on physical combat as part of the course. For this reason, you would need to be in your best condition, physically speaking.  More so, when you have become an ATF special agent, most likely, you would be required to travel a lot and have work hours that are irregular. In addition to this, it is important that your one eye has a 20/20 distant vision while the other has 20/30. If your distant vision is uncorrected, both of your eyes must have a grade of 20/100. Ensure that your height is proportional to your weight.
  • Pass the tests. There are several tests that you must pass before becoming an agent for the ATF. There is a need to complete the questionnaire for every applicant, assessment test for applicants and the examination itself. In addition to this, you must also undergo a background check, a medical examination, a drug test, a polygraph, plus a field interview.

Physical fitness and hard work are necessary for one to be part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as a special agent. But more than anything else, you must also have the commitment in performing the functions and responsibilities expected of an ATF special agent.


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