How To Transfer Data on an Old Laptop to a New One

Laptops are becoming more and more popular, because they are not just portable, but they now have almost the same capacity as a desktop computer. There are laptops with very quick processors, high memory, and extremely large hard drives – just like any top of the line desktop computer. If you have an old laptop and are upgrading to a newer laptop, here’s how you can transfer the files from the old laptop to the new one.

  • CD. One of the classic ways of transferring files is by making use of CDs. CDs are inexpensive, and are very durable. They will usually last anywhere from three to five years, and you can use these to transfer files and keep a backup of the files at the same time. Simply burn some files into a CD, and then insert the CD into the new laptop. There are many free CD burning software that you can download, such as Ashampoo. You can also use a DVD, if you are transferring larger files.
  • Cat5 cable. An easy way to transfer files directly between computers is by using a cat5 cable. Simply plug in the cable to the Ethernet port and then create a new network connection through the control panel. Afterwards, you should be able to access the computer with your new laptop. If you are using Vista as an operating system, you can also share one folder in the old laptop and then access this from your new laptop. Or, you can share entire drives so that you will be able to easily copy the entire drive. This is best if you are transferring plenty of files.
  • Email. If you only need to transfer very small files and very few files, you can simply make use of the attachments in emails. Simply attach the files to an email, and then open your email using your new laptop. Afterwards, you should be able to download the attachments to your new computer.
  • Flash drives. Flash drives also allow you to quickly transfer files between computers. Just plug in the flash drives and then copy the files into the flash drive. Afterwards, plug in the flash drive into your new computer and copy the files into the new laptop.
  • External hard drive. If you are moving large data files, you may want to make use of an external hard disk. External hard disks are more expensive than CDs, but they can come in 300 gigabyte sizes. There are even some hard drives that can contain as much as a terabyte or more of storage space.
  • Online storage. Finally, consider making use of online storage databases. This allows you to upload your files to the Internet, and then download them using the new laptop. An examples is Adrive, which gives you 50 gigabytes of storage space at no cost.

With these options, you should be able to select one that will allow you to conveniently transfer files from one computer to the other, whether you are transferring small files or large files.


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