How To Transfer MIDI Files to your Phone

MIDI files can actually be transferred to your phone. There are various reasons why people transfer MIDI files to their phones. You can actually convert the MIDI file into a ringtone that you can use as your personal tone in your phone. Or, you can convert the MIDI files into music files that you can play as an MP3 in your computer.  Here’s how.

  • Ringtone. If you want to transfer the MIDI files to your mobile phone and use them as a ringtone, you will first need to determine how long you want the MIDI file to play. Remember, MIDI files can last for a couple of minutes, especially if the song that is contained in the MIDI file is very long. Because a ringtone is usually meant to be very short, you should get a MIDI editor and cut down the MIDI file to size. Make sure that you keep a copy of the original MIDI file, so that you will have something to work on if you happen to have cut the file at the wrong place.  After you have cut down the MIDI file to around twelve seconds, you will also need to limit the number of ‘voices’ in the file. This will drastically reduce the file size.
  • Convert. Now that you have edited your MIDI file, it is almost ready to be transferred to your mobile phone. All you need is to transform it into a format that is readable as a ringtone for most phones. The format that you need is SP-MIDI that will give you an SMP format file, which can be played as a ringtone in most phones. To be able to do this, you will need a MIDI to SMP converter. These types of converters can be found online.
  • Transfer. Afterwards, you can transfer the files to your phone from your computer. Connect the phone to your computer via a mini USB that comes with the phone, or via WAP. There are also some phones that have Bluetooth or infrared, which may also be used to transfer the files. If you have a Windows Mobile phone, you can also sync the phone to your computer, in order to be able to transfer the ringtone. If you have an iPhone, you can use Apple software to sync.
  • Playable music. In some cases, you may want to transform the MIDI file into a format that can be played on your mobile phone. After all, most mobile phones today have MP3 playback capabilities and many mobile phones today are used as MP3 players as well. To be able to do this, simply get a MIDI to MP3 converter. There are plenty of these from the web. Download from a reputable site such as CNET. After you have finished converting the files, simply transfer via WAP, infrared, Bluetooth, or by syncing the phone using the software provided by the phone manufacturer.

With these steps, you should be able to easily transfer MIDI files to your mobile phone, and use the MIDI files either as a ringtone or as a music file.


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