How To Transfer Songs from Windows Media Player Songs to an iPod

Along with the popularity of iPod is the increasing number of people who prefer to use iTunes. The iPod and iTunes are the perfect match for transferring, copying, and editing music from one application or device to another. However, there are still many iPod owners who prefer using Windows Media Player. Compared to iTunes, using Windows Media Player with iPod is trickier—but still possible. Try one of the following ways and enjoy music from WMP to your iPod.

Copy Music from WMP to iTunes to iPod

Prefer to use this technique if you have iTunes installed in your computer. Follow the steps below for the guide:

  • Copy the music files to your computer. Open the Windows Media Player and then go to the Music Library. Highlight the songs that you want to transfer to your iPod. Right click on one of the highlighted songs and choose “Copy.”
  • Open the folder where you want the songs to be copied. Right click on a blank area and then choose “Paste.” The copied songs from WMP will be pasted on that folder.
  • Change the songs’ properties. Right click on an icon of one song and select the “Open With.” Choose iTunes. Select “Choose Program” if iTunes is not in one of the quick options. Look for iTunes from the list or locate the application by clicking on the “Browse” button.

    Open iTunes and you can now transfer the songs to your iPod.

Synch Music from WMP to iPod

Use this trick if you don’t have iTunes. But you’ll need to install a free plug-in for the Windows Media Player to make this work. Be guided by following the steps below:

  • Download and install MGTEK dopisp. It is a free plug-in for Windows Media Player that will help you synch music from WMP to iPod. After downloading, install the plug-in and then restart the Windows Media Player.
  • Connect the iPod to your computer. Open the Windows Media Player and you’ll see an iPod icon on the window’s left side.
  • Synch songs to iPod. Click on WMP’s “Sync” tab, which will open a new pane. The free space available in your iPod will be displayed on the top right corner, just below the Sync tab. Right click on that iPod icon and then click on “Set Up Sync.” Uncheck the “Sync this device automatically” or else, all the songs in Windows Media Player will be synced to your iPod. Just below the section for iPod icon is the “Sync List” section. Drag the songs that you want to be synched to this section and then click on the “Start Sync” button.

Unprotected music will be automatically converted to WMA files when they are being synced to iPod. DRM WMA files, however, will be automatically skipped. You better convert these files to MP3 before syncing them.

There sure are more hassles to use Windows Media Player for transferring music to iPod. It’s best that you invest on iTunes or any compatible applications. You’ll not only save time but you’ll save yourself from headache, too. For now, just do any of the two ways and enjoy the transferred music to your iPod.


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