How To Transfer your iTunes Library to a Memory Stick

Purchasing music through legal media is a must. One of the popular media is the Apple iTunes. You can use this software to view and to listen to audio and/or video content. It does not matter whether you have your own iPod or not, you can use this program easily. While an iPod makes your music and/or video library portable, iTunes lets you purchase contents from the iTunes store. Not only that. You can download and import the contents from other sources and then organize your video and music files in several different ways to your liking. When you upgrade or replace a computer, you need to transfer the library contents to the new one using a storage device such as the memory stick. To save the hassle and money from buying new files, transferring it is more practical and realistic.

  • From your music files to your video files, the contents of your iTunes library can be put on the new computer. As long as you have a memory stick or any other storage device for that matter, you can do this easily. Here is how you can transfer your iTunes library to a memory stick.
  • Open iTunes. Once the window for the iTunes appeared, find the iTunes library. Click the “Edit” button that can be found on the menu bar. Highlight then select “Preferences...” After that, choose the “Advanced” tab option. Be sure to take note of library file path that is found in the first block of the iTunes window.
  • Insert the memory stick. Find the memory card slot on your computer or laptop then insert the memory stick properly. An icon will usually appear on the task bar signifying that a new hardware has been found.
  • Open the file browser of your operating system. If you are using Windows, this will be the “My Computer” application that can be found on the Start menu or on your desktop. Open the “My Computer” by highlighting it on the Start menu and clicking Enter or by double clicking the icon on your desktop. Once the window is open, locate the library folder that is noted in your iTunes preferences.
  • Choose the iTunes library folder. Click it and drag it to a drive-letter icon for the memory stick, and then release it.
  • Authorize your computer. If you are using a new computer, you should authorize it so it can play the purchased content. You can do this by using the “Store” menu on your iTunes. By doing so, you should also remove the authorization of the previous computer. Use the same menu when doing this.

Once you did the necessary things and have transferred your iTunes library to your memory stick, you may now transfer it to your new computer. Check the iTunes library after you have placed it onto your new computer. If it does not work, maybe you forgot to authorize your new computer to play the purchased contents. If everything goes well, you may now enjoy your iTunes library.


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