How To Translate your Name into Numerology

Numerology is a tool to decipher the secret codes behind your name. It is a vintage system of insight and divination, which has counterparts in world cultures like Jewish Kabbalah’s gematria. Below are guides on how to translate your name into numerology:

  • Understand the fundamental premise of numerology. Its basic premise is there is a particular numerical equivalent to every alphabet letter. Gematria is usually used to decipher secret meanings and codes in sacred texts like the Bible or Torah. As physics and philosophy flourish on the 21st century, the fame of numerology rises in understanding the physical reality of nature. One famous example is Einstein’s theory of relativity.
  • Understand the numerology chart. Remember that each letter has its corresponding number. Like 1 is for A, and 2 is for B, and so on. Refer to a numerology chart whenever you’ll be translating some names.
  • Write you name on a paper. It must be your nickname or the name that most people refer you with. The name indicated on your birth certificate doesn’t matter.
  • Assign the equivalent numbers to the letters of your name. For example, if your name is “Krishna Lim,” then it will be K-11, R-18, I-9, S-19, H-8, N-14, and A-1. For the surname it will be, L-12, I-9, and M-13.
  • Combine the numbers in your first and last name. Add the equivalent in the name “Krishna,” and add the equivalent in the surname “lim.” For the first name, it will be 11 + 18 + 9 + 19 + 8 + 14 + 1 = 80. For the surname, it will be 12 + 9 + 13 = 34. Then, add the two totals, 80 + 34 =114. After that, add each number on the total. For our example, it will be, 1 + 1 + 4 = 6.
  • Learn how to use the number. Most people use numerology for luck or fun. You can bet on love or lottery if you desire. The totals can also be a reference to determine what type of person you are. Like, 1 means independent and accomplished; 2 means friendship and love; 3 means talent and popularity; 4 means reliability and stability; 5 means adventure and sensuality; 6 means harmony and balance; 7 means mysticism and magic; 8 means self-discipline and strength; and 9 means spiritual achievement and idealism.
  • Besides name and character, you can use numerology in other interpretations, like for moving out to understand your preferred town or city.
  • Notes about numerology. It is like astrology that serves as guide. So, don’t forget to become practical when deciding on things. Don’t just refer to numerology if you’re moving out. Use your own decision-making skills. As stated, it can be for fun. However, numerology can help you decide because it will give you a gut feeling that everything in your decision is ok. Stick to being logical besides being practical.

There are lots of readings in the Internet about numerology. Include study about astrology and other eastern studies. These are interesting discourses about life. Try numerology on your friends to enlighten them. It can also be an ice breaker whenever you’re feeling bored.


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