How To Transport an Ultra Light Trike

An ultra light trike is a type of an air vehicle similar to a hang glider. Also known as the flex-wing trike, micro light trike, Motorized Delta plane, or weight-shift control aircraft, this aircraft uses a three-wheeled landing gear, thus the name "trike." This aircraft is commonly used for recreational flying by interested and hopeful pilots and for training by beginner pilots.

The ultra light trike works in a way that it uses a folded wing, usually a high performance Rogallo wing that is coupled to a propeller-powered undercarriage. Controlling the flight is similar to controlling a hang glider where weight-shifts direct the movement of the ultra light trike. There is also a control bar in the trike, which shifts the aircraft altitude and center of gravity depending on how you manipulate the bar.

While ultra light trikes can appear big on first glance, it actually isn't enormous when properly folded and stored. This way, it can easily be transported from one place to another. This article will teach you how to transport an ultra light trike with your ease and comfort as top priority.

  • Prepare all the materials and equipment needed. In transporting an ultra light trike, you will need of course your ultra light trike, a transport vehicle, ropes, screws, bolts, and covers for the trike.
  • Choose the proper vehicle. There are two types of vehicle that you can use in transporting your ultra light trike. One is a trailer truck wherein you can put the ultra light trike in one piece, restrain it to the area, and then transport it as it is. The other one is a small pick-up truck wherein you will need to disassemble some parts for it to fit your small pick-up truck.
  • Transport it with a big truck. If you plan to use a big truck, you will need to have restraining materials like ropes, covers and the like to ensure that your trike will not move all over the space whenever the truck speeds up or slows down. Tie the trike with the rope and secure it in place.
  • Transport it with a small pick-up truck. If you plan to use a small pick-up truck, it is first important to understand the anatomy of your ultra light trike. There are two parts of the trike: the wing and the undercarriage. The wing and undercarriage can be disassembled by taking off the clamps in their attachment. The wing can be easily folded following its creases. Further removal of the clamps in the undercarriage will result to the motor coming off, separating it with the three-wheel system. As for the three-wheels of the undercarriage, it can be folded very easily by applying a little force in the wheels.

Choosing to use a big truck or a small pick-up truck has its own advantages and disadvantages. With a big truck you no longer need to disassemble the parts, leading to a fast usage of the trike and preventing the occurrences of lost bolts, clamps and other parts. On the other hand, the use of a small pick-up truck can be convenient with oil and maneuvering on the road. Weigh the odds and make your decision wisely.


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