How To Travel to Cuba from the Dominican Republic

In Cuba, you might hear lots of controversies and conflict but the country is still quirky, rhythmic, and hip. There are lots of surprise and delights for first-time visitors. The country has lots to offer like fabulous colonial architecture, huge sugar cane plantations, and white sandy beaches. Don’t hesitate if you want to travel to Cuba from the Dominican Republic because it’s worth it. Below are guides to help you how:

  • Get a visa. You need it if you are a foreigner from Cuba who will visit the Dominican Republic. If you are already a Dominican Republic denizen, then just apply personally at any Cuban consulate in the country or any neighboring nations that has Dominican Republic jurisdiction.
  • Book your accommodations and flights early. You need to present return flight information to the Cuban immigration. The hotel where you’ll stay at and the tourist cards you’ll use must also be presented.
  • Make an itinerary. You must optimize your visit to Cuba. There are lots of beautiful places in Cuba to visit like Baracoa, Cayo Coco, Coffee plantations, Havana, Peninsula de Zapata, Playa Giron, Remedios, Sancti Spiritus, Santa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Calle de los Ingenios, and Varadero. Take note of the possible expenses in the locations that you will visit. Always anticipate costs and allot extra money to ensure that you won’t get stranded or experience hunger. Include also the addresses and contact numbers of family members or friends in Cuba.  
  • Use your visa before it expires. The visa is valid for 180 days. You need to apply for another if it expires. Note that tourist visas last for only 30 days upon entry date to Cuba, but you can stay up to 90 days. You need an exit visa if you’ll stay in Cuba longer than 90 days.
  • Know what plane to take. You’ll travel for 2.5 hours to go to Cuba from the Dominican Republic. You can choose several airlines like AeroCaribbean, Cubana, and Copa Airlines. Consider other airports like Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, and Cayo Coco. The best times to visit Cuba are between April and December, before summer and after the windy hurricane and wet season.
  • Call a taxi upon entering Cuba. You can find the taxis outside the airport, but buses are cheaper than cabs. You can take a bus ride to go to your next destination. It takes an hour to go downtown Havana where hotels abound. If you have family members or friends in Cuba, then ask them to fetch you. They can guide you in terms of transportation and other things.
  • Enter Cuba via sea. It’s possible but you must have a chartered boat. The Dominican Republic has only one international ferry service, the Ferried de Caribe. But it travels only from and to Puerto Rico.  

Learn basic Spanish idioms and phrases if you’re a foreigner so you can communicate with Cuban locals easily. It is vital if you need help like asking for instructions. And lastly, never forget to document your trip to Cuba. You want the memories to last a lifetime.


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