How To Treat Anemia in Dogs

Even dogs can suffer from anemia. This can usually be caused by loss of blood from accidents and injuries or from having parasites in the body such as fleas and worms. The common indications that your dog may be suffering from anemia are pale gums, yellowing of the skin and heavy breathing. However, anemia can be easily treated by proper diet and providing food that is rich in iron. Here are some more tips for you to best treat anemia in dogs:

  • Know the symptoms. The first thing you can do is to determine whether your dog is suffering from anemia. Check his gums to see if it still looks bubble gum pink; do know that dogs with iron deficiency have yellowish gums. There are symptoms that might be hard to identify but you can still evaluate things or ask a veterinarian.
  • Observe his vital signs. You may observe your dog’s condition to help you identify your dog’s physical health. Check every vital sign such as heart rate, pulse rate and respiration rate. Make sure the results are still normal. All these vital signs may increase if the dog is suffering from anemia.
  • Go to a veterinarian. It is always a best choice to ask for professional help in identifying if the dog suffers from anemia. The dog should be given necessary tests in determining its actual condition. The veterinarian will give blood tests and will determine the cause of anemia.
  • Administer treatment. If the veterinarian confirms that your dog has iron deficiency, a treatment plan that would suit your dog should be given. Start the treatment processes just as the veterinarian instructed you to do. Your veterinarian might choose to use a blood transfusion for curing. It is one of the options for treating it. The veterinarian can use whole blood or synthetic blood in this case.
  • Give supplements. One of the basic methods that your vet may include is the use of iron supplements. These supplements may come through an injecting method for initial treatment and proceeding supplements are given orally. The doctor will determine the right dosage for such supplements.
  • Administer parasite control. As we all know having worms and fleas in your dog is very unhealthy for them. It is also one of the reasons for having anemia in dogs. Having fleas and worms can be resolved by undertaking a thorough parasite control program. Taking this program will help a lot in preventing anemia for your dogs.
  • Reduce toxic exposure. There are some chemicals available at home that can cause anemia for dogs. Mouse or rat poisons are example of these. They are dangerous for a dog’s health, and you should avoid using these products as much as possible.
  • Know the treatment plan. If your dog has a kidney failure, immune disorder or cancer you must ask your veterinarian’s advise on which method you should do. Develop a treatment plan with the veterinarian. The treatment plans will also sustain the anemia treatment.

A dog is a man’s best friend. They are very loyal and faithful; once you loved them, they can love you back twice or more. They can even give their own life just to protect you. It is right that you provide them the best care that they deserve. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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