How To Treat Dog Bladder Stones

Dogs can be fun to have around as pets, they are playful and affectionate and can really be considered man's best friend. It can be sad seeing your dog get sick. Since they cannot articulate their aches and pains, it is difficult pinpointing the cause of their sickness. One such illness that is often overlooked is bladder stone formation. If not treated immediately, bladder stones could obstruct the tube through which urine passes through, making it difficult for them to pee. If your dog develops bladder stones, the following are ways on how to treat and even avoid them.

  • Try cranberry juice. When treating your dog, you cannot wish to eradicate the stones completely. What you can do is either avoid the formation of more bladder stones, or reducing the size of the stones themselves. Cranberry juice can do wonders in treating bladder stones. Though not as radical as actual medicine, cranberry juice lowers the PH levels of dog urine, thereby reducing the chances of forming any more bladder stones. The cranberry also helps avoid bladder infections, which will eventually reduce the formation of the stones in your dog's bladder. You may also give your dogs cranberry capsules, if they don't like drinking cranberry juice.
  • Give your dog Cranberry supplements, but not all the time. Though it is healthy to give your dogs cranberry juice, giving them cranberry supplements in a long term manner could produce the reverse effect after a while. Do not overdo the supplements, as they could form calcium oxalate, which are another kind of stones. Ask your veterinarian about the use of supplements so you won't endanger your dog more.
  • Water is still the best therapy. Though cranberry juice can be very effective in treating dog bladder stones, having your dog drink lots of water is the best way to avoid and treat bladder stones. Water flushes out toxins, and will make your dog healthier. Keep giving him lots of water every day, and you will see your dog becoming healthier.
  • Always consult with your veterinarian. The best way to ensure that your dog is healthy is by consulting with your veterinarian regularly. If you find that your dog is feeling distressed or weak, even after giving him cranberry juice, take him immediately to the veterinarian. Your veterinarian will make sure that your dog gets the proper treatment he needs for his ailments.
  • Keep your dog healthy thru exercise. Believe it or not, pets need to exercise too. Do not allow him to get used to a sedentary lifestyle. Take him out for walks regularly. Not only will you help your dog get healthier, you yourself can benefit from it too. Encourage your dog to run around and be healthy. Feed him a diet that is rich in nutrients and you will definitely have a healthy dog.

Do not assume that your dog will never get sick. Pay attention to signs and symptoms and read up on the common ailments dogs usually get. Check his urine every now and then. If there is blood, take him immediately to the veterinarian. He will need to be treated as soon as possible.


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