How To Treat Dry, Damaged Hair

Most women take diligent care of their hair since it is pertinent to appear beautiful based on the norms of society. However, sometimes, the so-called diligent care can go overboard and can be misinterpreted through the overuse of hair products and treatments. For instance, coloring your hair too much, using an electric hair straightener, shampooing and conditioning incessantly, and the like can cause the once beautiful head of hair to become dry and damaged. When this happens, you can see women flocking off to various salons to get the problem rectified as it can be quite embarrassing for a woman to sport disheveled, frizzled, and damaged hair. What they do not know is that they can actually treat damaged hair through common sense practices. Here are some tips.

  • Say no to frequent washing. Dry hair is often associated with the fact that not enough natural oils are produced by the hair to keep it moist and rejuvenated. Most of the time, this is aggravated by the constant washing of the hair. Technically, once you have dry hair, you should immediately refrain from washing for the reason that your hair needs to recuperate. It needs more time to produce more of that natural oil. Now, if you keep washing it, any oil produced will most likely wash away as well leaving your hair dry again. On that note, if you have dry hair, give your hair a breather and let it rejuvenate itself naturally.
  • Say no to blow drying. Alright, for most women, blow drying their hair after a shower is essential in grooming. Well, if dry hair has stricken, know that blow drying your hair will only make matters worse. Again, you need to give your hair a break, enough time to heal. Hence, it is important that you lay off the blow drying for a while until your hair replenishes its luster, moisture, and shine.
  • Change your shampoo. The shampoo you used before may have been designed for a different type or condition of hair. When you have dry hair, you will need to switch to a shampoo that is friendly to dry hair, one that will speed up the recuperation process. If you have the money for it, consider switching to organic shampoos as this will be significantly better for the healing process. In addition, refrain from shampooing every day. Shampoos normally leave the hair dry. If you have dry hair, switch to a 3 day shampoo interval. Furthermore, make sure that you apply conditioner after every wash to moisturize the hair and the scalp as well.
  • Hide from the sun. This is another must-do. The sun is one of the leading causes of dry hair. Constant exposure to its harmful rays can leave your hair dry and damaged. To aid the healing process, make sure to limit your hair’s exposure to the sun.
  • Switch to a healthy diet. More water, more fruits, more vegetables combined with a healthy daily dose of vitamins and minerals will significantly contribute to in transforming your dry and damaged hair into a fabulous head with silky smooth locks.

There are many other options that you can do such as scalp massages to stimulate oil production, hot oil treatments, and consulting a dermatologist. Aside from that, you may want to stay away from all the other fashion based styling methods such as hair coloring or dyeing, straightening, and perming, until your hair goes back to its natural and wondrous beauty.


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