How To Treat Men's Skin before Shaving

You consider hair that is growing all over your body more of a turn off then a turn on. You see yourself as a metrosexual man but your Irish heritage never fails to rear its ugly head. The evidence is on your face, chest, back, legs, arms and nether areas. It’s a good thing there are products for men that help you maintain as close to a hairless body as you can muster. The problems facing you now are the occasional nicks and cuts that force you to go out of your bachelor pad riddled with band-aid and balled-up tissue. Is there a way out of your predicament? Yes, there is and more than one way actually.

Face the issues concerning the skin on your face.

  • Put on moisturizer before going to bed. Shaving your skin becomes an irritating process when you constantly have dry skin. It’s a good thing that putting on moisturizer is no longer limited to a woman’s nightly ritual. Follow your woman’s lead by picking out a moisturizer best suited for your skin. However, consider that men and women have a different genetic makeup so choose a product that is made for men’s skin.
  • Consult a dermatologist if you are dealing with adult acne. No wonder it pains you to shave. You don’t have to endure the stinging sensation from bleeding pimples after shaving your skin. Consult a dermatologist to solve your adult acne problems once and for all.
  • Use very cold water on your skin before you start shaving. Very cold water encourages the pores on your skin to close tightly and makes it easier for the razor to glide on smoothly. Fill a basin with very cold water. Test the temperature and when you are sure that it’s tolerable splash handfuls of this on your face.
  • Rub ice cubes all over your face and then cover your face with a face towel to encourage the cold to seep deeper into your pores. Remove the face towel from your face after a minute. The pores on your skin will be so tight that it feels like it’s stretched to its maximum. Your skin is ready for the application of thick shaving cream.
  • Squirt shaving cream into your hand and apply the cream thickly on your face. Let the cream soften your skin for 5 to 10 minutes before running a razor over this area.

Address the skin on your arms and legs.

  • Turn the taps on in your bathroom and adjust the water heater to the hottest water temperature that you can tolerate. Avoid burning your skin or slipping accidentally in the shower stall by filling a bath tub with hot water instead of you stepping directly under the shower head.
  • Test the water in the tub.
  • Pour a large amount of bubble bath in the tub.
  • Lower your body in the tub and soak in the hot water until your toes turn wrinkly.
  • Apply a thin film of baby oil on your arms and legs.
  • Let the baby oil soften and condition the skin on your arms and legs for a full minute.
  • Shave your arms and legs using a razor that is made for shaving these areas.

You can’t do much for the hair on your chest and back other than scheduling a date with a professional salon that specializes in waxing procedures for men. The salon will take charge of prepping your skin prior to waxing so all that you need to do is show up and keep yourself from screaming bloody murder during the waxing session. There, problem solved!


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